Tuesday, June 28, 2005

coldplay or foo fighters

I want both! but can only afford 1 :(


X&Y or In Your Honor?


foody tagged

ngeahhh!!!! been tagged by cyrene. 1st time and it is about food. wooohooo!!!!

The questions
What is your first memory of baking/cooking on your own?
cook maggie can count ah? :D

hmmmm.... actually there's 2 but I'll take the real 1st one.

We the boys in our 2nd yr of undergrad and staying in a DSL. We cooked some cucur and it took some 8 of us to get it done. Naturally we divvy up the responsibilities.

1 got to be the info gatherer ie. he will call his mum and confirm the cooking procedure, cucur's colour, taste etc. Coins are his responsibilities.

1 get to be the runner cum despatch cum driver - Back then handphone is an alien concept thus this bloke's role is very very important. This bloke will always have his helmet on and always ready to carry the info gatherer to the nearest public phone, or run and get some ingredients or fire extinguishers if needed.

1 get to be the back-up runner to main runner and general worker. Very important too, just in case something came up and we need to relay the info to the info gatherer that's at a public phone booth

2 get to be ingredient mixer, smasher and general mix up. This is very important as these fellas are the ones who know how flour, onions and the cooking oil looks like. Seriously, there's so many types of onions and when we got to the cooking oil section we're just stumped.
Which one to choose lah? can't they just have 1 brand and name it cooking oil? but noooooo.... they just have to name it palm, soy (which does not look anything like soya bean drink by the way) then got different logos. Udang, kipas, 2 udangs, 2 kipas, burung helang, burung pipit, 3 udangs.. aiyoh!

1 get to be the master cook ie. the fella who actually dip or throw the processed flour into the pan or kuali or.. .. actually not sure what's it called lah

1 get to be the
general "cooked" flour collector and arranger. (Me do this job) what I did was just to extend the plates, or something near the pan or kuali when the master cook say "DAH READY OIIII!!!!"

1 get to be the general aftermath clean-up fella. He is the main man in cleaning up duty but it is somewhat shared with the 2nd back-up runner and me.

So how it went? hmmmm..... this is what we learned
1. Master cook is the most difficult and dangerous job. When you put in those cucur those boiling oil just jump at you man!
So he ends up wearing his long sleeve riding jacket to cover his upper body, thick trackbottom and shoe to cover his lower body and a helmet with full visor to cover his face. We got nothing to cover his palm though.. so tough luck. But... being the genius that he is (doing his PHD now in finance) he took the rice cooker hood and use it as a shield ala braveheart :)

& those who knows Ulu then you'll know how hilarious he looks like and farking cute when he jump backwards whenever the "angry" oil just jumps at him ehehehhehee...

2. Just because the outer layer is pitch black doesn't mean its cooked inside.

3. No matter how detail the instructions are IF it is relayed to someone who don't understands the trade/thing then you might as well hire a madman to do the talking.
Yeap!! just like those boyscout/motivational/teamwork game. Info from 1 source which went through several intermediaries will result in distortion/inaccurate info. In this case just 1 ie ONE person and we got mangled info.

and finally

4. No matter how bad your cooking (or your loved ones cooking) you'll end up eating it all for 1 reason or another. But more likely its either don't want to waste it, or to soothe up the ego of the cook (in this case our own collective ego lah)

**ps : cyrene dear, consider point no 4 when your hubby keep on eating whatever it is that you cook ok :P

Who had the most influence on your cooking?
The fully covered FRU lookalike mastercook. I devote quite an amount of time for research on how to reduce the angry jumping boiling cooking oil after that

Do you have an old photo as “evidence” of an early exposure to the culinary world and would you like to share it?
duh! we're all too bloody busy lah!

Mageiricophobia - do you suffer from any cooking phobia, a dish that makes your palms sweat?

What would be your most valued or used kitchen gadgets and/or what was the biggest let down?
valued would be those riding jacket that I wore to cover my hands whenever the mastercook "throw" the "cooked" food at the plate I'm holding.

Name some funny or weird food combinations/dishes you really like - and probably no one else!
ermmm.... errrmmmmm..... Sometimes I miss those rather "kembang" maggie mee lah. The one that you soak in water for such a long long time instead of the usual 3 minutes.

Reminds me of my secondary boarding school days where we just take some laundry pail cum baldi mop lantai put some maggie and just pour some water in it. Sometimes the water is a bit cold so have to wait for it to get soaked. Once its soaked we'll sit in a circle and then take turns of having a "bite" ie. a spoon per person and pass the pail to the one on your right. So given it is a minimum of 10 people and it took quite sometime to finish, by tthe end of it the instant noodles at the bottom would be really soaked or simply squashed and "kembang" and broke into 10,000 pieces. Stilll.... we makan!

What are the three eatables or dishes you simply don’t want to live without?

1) Potato - Not really but ok lah since cyrene love it so much



Any question you missed in this meme, that you would have loved to answer? Well then, feel free to add one!

ermmm.... does the cucur turrns out ok?
YEAH!!! don't you know that well done is the IN word 10 yrs ago? duh!

Three quickies:
Your favorite ice-cream… : X-choc
You will probably never eat… : wood, steel and leather seats
Your own signature dish… : "Believe it or not... my Hubby claims I make a mean Fried Bee Hoon." yeah yeah yeah.... refer to point no 4 from the 1st Q answer :P

actually, once upon a time while at overseas I manage to make somekind of soup that is edible. Quite an achievement IMO

Who do you want most to cook you dinner? (added in by Oslo Foodie)
ermmm.... my sis!

And my own question that I would loved to answer:

How neat is your kitchen?
ermmm... very neat thank you as we don't cook! :D

Monday, June 27, 2005

HAH! part 2

The All Blacks won the game against British & Irish Lions. 21-3. What is expected to be a real fight turn out to be a lame one. The Lions were lucky it rained otherwise with surer handling the Blacks will trounced them big time.

Seriously, for a team that pool the best resources from 4 top rugby country ie Reigning World Champ England, Reigning 6 Nations Champ Wales, Ireland and Scotland (the best in Northen hemisphere rugby) and a world cup winning coach they suck!

Big time!

read here about the game and here about how the local press "savaged" Sir Clive.

and also, I just found out that certain somebody only wish me to be her brother. WAHHHH!!!!! Keciwa nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :'(




Perak miraculously is out of the relegation zone. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

hope they'll stay there!


Saturday, June 25, 2005

hmmmmm..... what do I do.

hmmm..... believe it or not I actually manage to cash the cheque and me now some Ringgits richer! YAY!!

to start of me birthday thing, me went with my mates up to Genting Highland via the old route. yeah yeah.. longer and not as fast buuutttt.... the roads more winding and more fun! and that we did!! there were 8 cars 6 audis (3 B6 turbos, 1B5 turbo, 2 B5 na (me car), 1 volkswagen passat turbo and somehow a red MX-5 also joined in. Another Volks arrived some 30 minutes later.

me swallow some painkillers, bandaged the darn ankle and woohoooo!!!!!

It was fun, really is. But climbing the highlands with those twisty bends and grouped together with some turbos is not that fun. Especially when you got some wanker like DT with his souped up turbo hot on my tail. That joker pushed me alll the way up and finally overtake me from the outside with screeching tyres and heavy breaking. Darn! and zooom he went and I then got temporarily caught behind a wira and once I manage to free myself those 4 cars are slowly distancing themselves (there's a 1.8na in the pack but that one don't count :P ). Manage to push the Turbo Volks Passat as well but darn it for all the fun we poke at the fella the power and torque from that luggard are just too much! So me left with playing with a 2.2 camry ugh!!

Reach up there and hooked up with the already waiting Foo and we hangout at Starbucks. But believe it or not we're just bunch o' malaysians (even if 1 of us is a Russian) so we end up heading to Gohtong Jaya to a mamak there. eheheheheh.... Asian tummy! :P

I went back earlier and just stop by Gohtong Jaya just for a while before heading back to KL. Just enjoying the cool breeze fresh air and the drive. Wonderful.

Just a note though, the Karak highway towards KL are full of construction and this being at night and those twisty and dark highway it is quite dangerous. So becareful to those who ply the route.

Well, the night literally starts with a bang with burning rubber and all but I guess what I really want to do is to relax and be with the family. I haven't had a proper weekend or day off for that matter in months. While the last 1 months been crazy.

So today, me gonna ditch the Japan GT at Sepang and will hangout and watch the All Blacks vs British & Irish Lions instead. At the comfort of my home and with people that I love. Nothing can beat that.

Yes! I'll do that.

p/s just got an sms from M, she was sent to some West Asia country for the last 7 months and it is indeed a really pleasant surprise.

Friday, June 24, 2005


me gonna post non-sense again.

methinks me gonna go to the bank next door and try me luck at cashing out me cheque. See, me got this cheque for me work that me did 5 months ago and it didn't amount to much but methinks since me birth day falls tomorrow me might as well try it and get meself some dosh for something.

methinks if its successful me gonna go and fix me car out of that annoying rattling due to the silly gearbox or engine mounting thing and me can then whack me car throught the bendies and swirlies and straighties to let of some steamies. But wait! methink its best if me get some painkillers before me work me ankle on the fuel pedal too much. Yes! Yes! me got into some unfortunate accident last week where me ankle turn to the left some 45degree and with it me knee too. Did me tell that me toes got smashed too? tehehehehe.... painful as hell me tell ye' but worry not me car or me bike gonna get some decent workout this weekend.


Then me wanna go and get meself a new leathery jackety thingy but what me really wanna do is to get meself to Sepang tomorrow and watch those super sweet cars at the Japan GT. But lookie lookie there's an All Blacks vs British & Irish Lions live on telly at 3.

Jolly me! me wanna do soo many things see but first me got to cash those cheque and make me wallet bit happy.

toodle dooo dummmm....

me bored

me bored and browsing through friends blog and found out that my dear cyrene actually have a blog and there's a link to my blog in it.. anddddddddddd I know nothing about it. I've beg beg and beg for her to give me her blog url but noooooooo..... she just buat dunno'... ask several times again and she said... "me blog not interesting lah".... aiyoh!! who the fark care about it being interesting or not its about you, my friend, and I want to bloody see it.

and when the boys and I have our lunch at KLCC she went balistic and merajuk cause me didn't invite her.

hmmmmmmmm...... actually those two paragraph have no seeable relations whatsoever... but .. ermmm... hmmmm.... i dunno but methinks the next time I see this dear Cyrene of mine I'll jentik her forehead a bit.

thanks babe for the link. Now lets see if I can hunt down Ms 16 forever blog....

*put rambo gear and went hunting

Cancer and I

The dreaded disease and it seemed like there’s no cure for it. Yes and no. Years ago I was involved with some project intended for cancer research/benefit and we got the clear message from the doctor that we interviewed “the sooner you identify and treat it the higher would be your chance of survival”. The way the dear doctor at the KL General Hospital explains it makes it not too scary, not scary at all. Until a few years later when a friend suffered from one.

She’s my age and we were 19 back then when we found out she suffered from cancer. She got all the treatment and true enough she suffered but eventually came through fine. Well, for the first time. A year later she came back and continued her study, picking up where she left while most of us (including her then boyfriend) then proceeded to further our study overseas.

During summer before our final semester we got news that her cancer returned and spreading faster than before. By the time we were preparing for our final semester her condition just got worst and the boyfriend decided to pack things up and head home to be with her during our final exam study break. A month later we got back to home and not long after that we got news she didn’t make it and breathe her last breath at a very young age 21.

The thing that I will remember during this entire episode won’t be her sweet smile, her beautiful face nor her rat assed bf who still failed the exams even after I gave him all the question & answers (Yes I did! I help somebody Cheat. But it don't count cause the bloke still fail the bloody thing. And Yes! It is doable due to the 5 hours time difference and we’re doing postgrad back then, thus open book is the norm and Nicky you owe me big time :P). The thing that I will remember most is her courage in all this. During all this difficult period, between treatment, being very sick and barely have the energy to go through she was determined to get her degree and she made it just months before she’s gone. That I guess a true mark of a person, not the physical aspect that will detoriates with the passage of time but their will, their ideals and the things that they do. For that is something that I will remember forever.

Recently, there’s another dear friend who also suffered from this cancer thing. Her reaction is baffling where she just refused to go through the treatment even thought she got her children which in my opinion should strengthen her resolve to fight it. Even after much coaxing she just refused and after much talk I finally figure out it is not a matter of being afraid but more of giving up too early out of distrust and believing that it won’t work just like it didn’t for her sister.

Finally early of the year she finally made her move, she change her “work”, moved back with her parents, change her no and made all the necessary preparations for her children and underwent the treatment. Its like making your final preparation and the way she approach it is very bleak but at least she doing something. Since then we hardly contact each other and it kills me not knowing her progress in this trying times.

To my friend whom I know visits this blog from time to time, I wish you all the best in the world and just keep on going no matter what. Oh yah!! sure wish you mail me more often though

An then there is also
the issue of it being my sign. Hah! :P

Somehow those that I’m really close with also share the same sign (or close). Areysha’s birthday is sometime next month, my sis Iddy (can't call her lil' sis anymore cause now she's biiiiggg) just celebrated her’s 2 days ago, while 2 of my sisters are also under the same sign. And NOT to forget, Lil’ D will be 1 year on the 8 of next month. Yippeee!!!

Frankly speaking to me all these cancer, Taurus and what have yous signs are crap but I guess those that celebrate it at or around my birthday makes it kinda important. So I guess here’s a shout out to all of you people for happy birthday in advance (and belated) and may you lot enjoy the best in years to come.

To all the Cancerians and Cancerous may you live and prosper in all that you do in life.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wasted Years! The Areysha & the likes post

To Areysha and those who wonder where it went wrong in their lives and searching for those that they've lost and wish they could have and wonder if they can do it differently.

This song is for you lot. Yeah!! its from Iron Maiden but then again we rockers make most sense ;)



From the coast of gold, across the seven seas,
I'm travelling on, far and wide,
But now it seems, I'm just a stranger to myself,
And all the things I sometimes do, it isn't me but someone else.

I close my eyes, and think of home,
Another city goes by, in the night,
Ain't it funny how it is, you never miss it til it's gone away,
And my heart is lying there and will be til my dying day.

So understand
Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years,
Face up...make your stand,
And realise you're living in the golden years.

Too much time on my hands, I got you on my mind,
Can't ease this pain, so easily,
When you can't find the words to say, it's hard to make it through another day,
And it makes me wanna cry, and throw my hands up to the sky.

So understand
Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years,
Face up...make your stand,
And realise you're living in the golden years.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Genius? ya right...

Ever met a real smart, genius fella but they just can’t get or do something that really basic? I mean real basic like left or right? Or 1 + 1 = 2? Or I’m a guy and she’s a woman? Things like tat? Don’t you find it odd?

I relate this particular odd/weird thing to a friend yesterday afternoon about a genius friend of mine who can’t tell which is left and which is right. That’s right? She can’t tell which of her hand is left and which is right. She has to put her hands up and make an L sign using her index and thumb. If it formed the letter L then she knew its Left. Ingenious innit? And she does that each and every time she needs to know which is Left and which is Right. Then the friend went “You mean her? But she’s a genius! How is it possible?”

Well, it is like this, I long suspected that its part of her way (and other genius like her) to make shmucks like me feels comfortable and not overawed by her geniusness (if there is such a word) and making her entirely human ie approachable. Seriously!

Yeah! Yeah! I love her dearly and she’s like a sister to me but it won’t blind me and stop me from seeing through the ruse. Come on…. It doesn’t make sense. It is so basic it is beyond comprehension. Somebody who watch footie as much as I do (if not more), listen to rock songs as much as I do(rock song suppose to be aint good), talk crap and make stupid jokes as much as I do and study the most around 5 minutes more than I do (and I don’t study ok?) can’t actually score wayyy way better than I can’t it? Well, you’re dead wrong! I like scored 1 A and 2 Bs and 1 C while this girl went to score straight A+ (not any As ok! A plus) and consistently got into the Dean’s list. And She can’t tell Left from Right? Oh!! Puhleaseee….

And this is the same girl who went like did her Masters like a breeze (actually in her own words “me just bumming around doing nuthin and get to watch footie’”) and like now finishing her doctorate well before turning 30. And she can’t tell Left from Right? Yeah right.

Then there’s another friend who just can’t seemed to grasp the offside trap ruling. I mean seriously, OFFSIDE! In footie!!! And He’s a guy!!!!! Yeah he don’t play footie or any sports for that matter (no! golf is not a sport!) but coming from a guy who got his engineering doctorate in his early 30s it’s a bit too far fetched innit?

There is a friend in school, who just can’t seem to do math properly. Everytime there’s an Add Math question this bugger would go to count using his fingers. Seriously! Its just like those small kids learning to count and realized they have 10 of those small twiddly fingers. He will go like 1, 2, 3 on his fingers and went to score perfect 100% each and everytime. Yeah! Yeah! I do that too but that is because of a genuine case of an idiot moment. I’m a total inept in multiplication and I have to multiply any series from the beginning each and everytime. But this bugger do all of these long mathematical formulas etc on his finger and voila! An Answer. And he can’t kick a ball even if his life depended on it. Ugh! *roll eyes upward

There’s another friend of a friend who is doing his doctorate in financial stuff, got a double degree and this guy if you left him alone for 3 days with packs of instant noodles and some cold food will most probably die of starvation. He is that inept in cooking! Yeap! Not even a Maggie mee and you wonder how low can you get eh?

So, the next time you see somebody who is too darn smart and they just can’t get the simplest thing right, don’t not be fooled. They’re faking it. It’s a way for them to make normal people like us feel not too much of a loser and them more human.

Now, if only I can catch them on camera to prove it. Oh shucks! They must have thought what I’m thinking right now haven’t they?…

Darn you geniuses! :P

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tempoyak Attack!!

The Partner and I went to Ikea yesterday for late lunch/tea. Wanted to have the meatballs (pretty confident its halal) but seriously we like the environment more than anything else. So went there and I saw this :

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i have to read it like 3 times to believe it and ask the partner to read it and verify it for me. After that I just can't stop smiling and laughing. ahahaha....

I'm a Perak boy and like every Perak kampung boy tempoyak* just tops our list of favourite food. In actual fact, the partner and I talked about paying my Ipoh sister a visit and get her to prepare a Tempoyak dish with Ikan keli like a real Perak cook will do (that will be another story). But finding this in Swedish outlet? ahahhahaha... unbelievable!

Of course I'm skeptical since outside of Perak nobody ever got it right. It is either too soupy, too much assam, not spicy enough, etc etc but mostly because they didn't put enough tempoyak. The mix must be justtt right. And its in Ikea? ahahahhaha...... and with prawn? Oit!! where got people prepare tempoyak with prawns?

but since.. I can't help myself... so just order lah. The smell is good and the presentation quite cool too. Look !

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
**the apple pie at the back don't come with the set :D

they just took some prawns (the same one used for the cold dish) and pour the tempoyak on it. Its not just tempoyak and prawn though, they cooked the gravy with some pucuk ubi. So not that plain lah.

Look at the pic, the texture seems alright, looks thick, have the right yellowish colour and... I sure have some reservation... then I dip into it... WHOAA!!

here's the result :

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Darn right its good!! AHAHAHHAHAHA!!! I just can't stop laughing... Cause its soo good! almost like how my sis would prepare it. It might lack in the "hot" department (Swedes can't take chilli I suppose) but its just puuurrrrfect! creamy, thick, got the right smell (not too strong), and they definitely didn't skimp on the tempoyak bit. ahahahhahaahaha!!!

so go ahead and head to Ikea and try it for yourself. I'm sure the management must have to think 20 times before agreeing to this dish. Cause the smell might put off some people, but somehow they manage to "tame" it and its really good.

Go! Go NOW!!!

p/s on the way out I notice some really hip and funky and bergaya lady sampling the tempoyak as well. While her other 3 friends went for the usual ikea offerings (meatballs etc etc). HAH!! another Perak lass lah!
See! no matter how hip your clothing is, how colourful your hair is, how cute your exposed belly button is, or even how intriguing the small tattoo on your back, Once you're a Perak girl... the call of the Tempoyak is too strong to refuse!

Tempoyak kome oiiii. Tempoyak!

*Tempoyak is a dish prepared using a paste which originates from Durian (the King of Food as Malaysian call it). The Durian is a love or hate affair, its either you absolutely love it or hate it. Though I seriously think those that hate it have serious issue :P The durian will be kept (or fermented) for a period in a tightly closed jar. Later it will become a paste like thingy and called tempoyak.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


had lunch with some of my friends yesterday and it was pretty good fun. Sure it clashed with another lunch that I really want to go but I guess the adage "you won't miss what you ain't got in the first place" rings true in this case. I'm not at the other lunch so won't know what I missed.

Pick up a mate at his new office (which is around the corner to the old one) at around 12.20 and proceed to Pelita Nasi Kandar to meet the rest of the gang. The usual panellist is there plus a new friend. As usual, while busy talking about just about everything under the sun (from cars, to bikes, to the recent C*IMB and C*BC consolidation) we were busy checking out the surroundings (read : girls).

Actually its kinda funny as I don't do these stuff, at least not purposely, but with these bunch of wankers its like a well organised and highly trained unit.

Shag! Tino! Entrance Road Area. Latuk! Inside food Area. Afa! Man! Stairs and left side of the area... Des... .... While talking a slight change of tone from somebody would make all the others look at the direction he is looking. Magical! there is no need for finger pointing and secret code!

Without even having to say anything just about everybody knows what to do. If I ever have to go to war I would prefer these blokes to be in my unit. Very efficientt! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anyway, what strikes me the most is that these are mindless fun, boys being boys and just kicking back and relaxing. Initially I was rather amazed at how "sharp and desperate" these fellas are, like a pack of wolves i tell you. I mean even the not so "interesting" subject can be interesting but after a while i understood that it is nothing, just for fun. No harm done and we don't whistle like those mat rempits do or shout like those Ah Bengs. eheheh

All in all, it was a good lunch with a bunch of friends. And like it or not times like these and my usual Teh Tarik session on friday nights are the only time that I can kick back and relax. How times have changed.....

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rock, Gloom and Doom!

Last week was really tough and stressful for me. Stupid client didn't follow pre-agreed procedures, i didn't have sleep for few days, a sleeping partner in my company suddenly decided to be active, side-stepping landmines etc etc etc...

so naturally I was stressed, misereable and what not lah. As often is the case the music that I play will naturally reflect my mood lah. So play my Ipod and then S.M. Salim Song come out "Apa dah Jadi? Apa dah jadi? sampai sekarang tak kawin lagi." eh!!?

then I skip to the other one then come out "itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini..." aiyoh!!! The closest thing I got to a doom, gloom song is this "Tell laura I love her!!! tell laura I ....." cause the wanker then go and crash his race car marh...

we got rock like this. I want a song like "until it sleeps" about boiling anger, or "stand inside your love", or "Black lodge", or Sepultura's "Sympton of the Universe"... I want heavy, i want loud, I want dooom!!! I'm in misery dammit! S.M Salim won't cut it....

so, for the past few days I've been busy ripping my Metal and Rock CDs. I want DOOOMMMM!!!!

Yesterday I've finished quite a no of Cds, today alone I've done this

1. Nativity In Black - Tribute to Black Sabbath
2. Faith No More - album of the Year
3. Megadeth - Youthnasia
4. Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore
5. Van Halen - Live
6. Woodstock 94
7. Various Pearl Jams

Now I got to find my other Megadeths, Danzigs, NINs, Annihilators and what nots.

Rock ON!!!!!


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

You see the above? That's my most prized CD of all time (and majority of rockers I'm sure) and I've been looking for it for the past 4 days. Thought I lost it and finally found it in my precious CDs collection by the DVDs. Phew!!

Wonder why its very precious? For one this is tribute to the grandfather of all Metal and heavy sounds Black Sabbath, and in it most rock group/people that matters contribute their version of the legendary songs, and it got kick ass inlays design and poster from that Preacher Comic book artist and......

There's loads of reason but how it got to my hand meant the most......

long long long time ago wayyyy back in the 90s. There is this young rocker kid who is into power chords and heavy stuff. The whole world however was hot with grunge, punk and those seattle sound and "Bah!" the kid said "what does those people know about power chords and distortion and anger and pain?" he said.

One fine day while reading through some underground fanzines he found that there's a tribute album for Black Sabbath. "that's the godfather of rock man!" says the kid. Must Buy! Says he. He then proceed to the usual rock music store, from Campbel Complex, to Pertama, to Central Market search he did to no avail. Upon various inquiry he finally found out that the album was banned in Malaysia and the only way to get it is via special order. Wanting a CD the cost involved in bringing in the CD would be beyond his reach. With a heavy heart he left the store and went back and plan his next move.

Hooking up with some of his mate he then ventured into selling T-shirts and stuff. Few months after that he went to the store again and placed an order, few weeks later he got this CD. Not having his own CD player he then seek to listen to the CD whenever he chance upon a CD player.

10 yrs on, I still treasure this album and by far the most comprehensive rock album there is. There's heavy, doom, hip, classical, sonic sound all in this album. A Must Have for all the rockers out there.

Rock On Dude!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Things I learned yesterday

1. shaving with a 11 mth boy is a BIG NO NO

There I was shaving my 4 days of facial hair (quite a lot ok?) and trimming my goatee demonstrating it to him with great care. Then he suddenly decides to jump from the bed! Being the superdad that I am I instinctively drop the shaver and stop him. As a result the trimmed goatee become an Adolf Hitler's half goatee. Senget I tell you! Thus my current clean shaven look :(

2. When Partner says she stopped buying clothes for the son, it means she just stop showing it to me

As I was preparing him for shower cum "splash the water to daddy" session, I went through Lil' D's cabinet to pick the clothes for the boy. The partner prepared 3 sets of clothes, neatly folded in lil' D's bag but somehow I don't particularly fancy those she picked. So I rummage rummage rummage and Voila! there's 4 sets of new clothes! With price tags to boot. They're 1 size too big though.

Given the price tag was conveniently highlighted by flourescent highlighter, it must be one of those moments where she suddenly "lost" control of her body when it went on autopilot with the hands picking the shirts, the legs walk to the cashier and the fingers and wrist help with the purse and credit cards signature. Since it is beyond her control I decided not to make a fuss out of it.

3. The boy is absolutely fond of ladies.

On the way to picking up Areysha he just went on an on and on making sounds and what not, when Areysha came and sat at the rear seat he suddenly went quiet. It took him a full 5 minutes before flashing those sweet little smile of his and for the next 2 plus hours he completely behave himself. He sits quietly in the baby chair, he doesn't try to get out of it and jump, he didn't call on the passersby and most amazingly he just sat in his car seat quietly and there is efforts made to get out of it.* AMAZING!

After lunch and right after Areysha close the car's door and make way to her office the boy cried. He cried!! I tell you. Gosh!! somebody is surely putting his best behaviour to score some maximum point with some chicks.** This boyyyy..... Aiyoh! Don't know what to say lah.

* he did wink at the waitress, try to pull the decorative vase at nandos, try to climb to other seat, climbed the table to have a go at the forks and those nice nando's sauce bottles and crawled on the mall floor but that's just it. Very well behave, cause I can actually eat in peace!

**correction, not chicks its Auntie. Cause like it or not Areysha dear, you're his Aunt :)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


cause tomorrow we'll be a boys day out!

well, the babysitter ask for leave and somebody got to look after the boy. Partner suggest that we take 1/2 day each while I with all great enthusiasm ask her to go to work and i'll take care of the baby on my own.

As expected she's suspicious and amused at the same time cause the last time she went for a dinner and leave the boy with me, lil' D and I ends up at PJ at my Audi gang's TT. We only come back at 1 am :D

So she kept berrating and quizzing me what do I have planned for tomorrow? which frankly speaking, I don't have any. Just that I really look forward to spending the time with him, just the 2 of us.

can't wait!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Favourite Part of the day

Some like it best when they just got off work, some early in the morning and some doodle doo might just say its during office hours. Well, if you so happen to have a super hot chick as your office mate then I understand otherwise..... man! you got issues.

What's yours?

well, this is mine...............

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Friday, June 03, 2005


really is a chore

Waiting for the girl, waiting for the boy, waiting for your loved ones, waiting for result, wait wait wait and wait.

Somehow while waiting, time just move slower and you sink a little lower and your heart seems to beat a wee bit slower than normal.

Take someone at the chopping block for instance, in that milisecond from the time shiny, sharp metal make it first move downward until it reach its final destination on the block an entire lifetime pass through the doomed man's eyes. Well at least that's how the movie potrays it.

Well, I guess it is true for someone who know their time is up while for someone who got to this near death experience by accident something like shouting "fuck! fuck! fuck!" might be closer.

How do I know? Cause, yesterday I almost banged into a lorry that made an emergency brake gobsmack in the middle of the road.

While applying the brakes and loads of other techniques in stopping the bike, the word "fuck" races out from my mouth like a gattling gun fire right until I manage to stop a mere 5 inches from the protruding rear deck of the lorry. Lucky was I as at that time my tyre and front forks are already underneath the protruding rear deck.


And right now, I'm waiting for something again and it is not easy!

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