Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tempoyak Attack!!

The Partner and I went to Ikea yesterday for late lunch/tea. Wanted to have the meatballs (pretty confident its halal) but seriously we like the environment more than anything else. So went there and I saw this :

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i have to read it like 3 times to believe it and ask the partner to read it and verify it for me. After that I just can't stop smiling and laughing. ahahaha....

I'm a Perak boy and like every Perak kampung boy tempoyak* just tops our list of favourite food. In actual fact, the partner and I talked about paying my Ipoh sister a visit and get her to prepare a Tempoyak dish with Ikan keli like a real Perak cook will do (that will be another story). But finding this in Swedish outlet? ahahhahaha... unbelievable!

Of course I'm skeptical since outside of Perak nobody ever got it right. It is either too soupy, too much assam, not spicy enough, etc etc but mostly because they didn't put enough tempoyak. The mix must be justtt right. And its in Ikea? ahahahhaha...... and with prawn? Oit!! where got people prepare tempoyak with prawns?

but since.. I can't help myself... so just order lah. The smell is good and the presentation quite cool too. Look !

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**the apple pie at the back don't come with the set :D

they just took some prawns (the same one used for the cold dish) and pour the tempoyak on it. Its not just tempoyak and prawn though, they cooked the gravy with some pucuk ubi. So not that plain lah.

Look at the pic, the texture seems alright, looks thick, have the right yellowish colour and... I sure have some reservation... then I dip into it... WHOAA!!

here's the result :

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Darn right its good!! AHAHAHHAHAHA!!! I just can't stop laughing... Cause its soo good! almost like how my sis would prepare it. It might lack in the "hot" department (Swedes can't take chilli I suppose) but its just puuurrrrfect! creamy, thick, got the right smell (not too strong), and they definitely didn't skimp on the tempoyak bit. ahahahhahaahaha!!!

so go ahead and head to Ikea and try it for yourself. I'm sure the management must have to think 20 times before agreeing to this dish. Cause the smell might put off some people, but somehow they manage to "tame" it and its really good.

Go! Go NOW!!!

p/s on the way out I notice some really hip and funky and bergaya lady sampling the tempoyak as well. While her other 3 friends went for the usual ikea offerings (meatballs etc etc). HAH!! another Perak lass lah!
See! no matter how hip your clothing is, how colourful your hair is, how cute your exposed belly button is, or even how intriguing the small tattoo on your back, Once you're a Perak girl... the call of the Tempoyak is too strong to refuse!

Tempoyak kome oiiii. Tempoyak!

*Tempoyak is a dish prepared using a paste which originates from Durian (the King of Food as Malaysian call it). The Durian is a love or hate affair, its either you absolutely love it or hate it. Though I seriously think those that hate it have serious issue :P The durian will be kept (or fermented) for a period in a tightly closed jar. Later it will become a paste like thingy and called tempoyak.


Blogger Chen said...

I also want to eat tempoyak leh :P

Can exchange the deal of "roti prata with garlic nan" (u still remember this, right?) with this delicious tempoyak? hehehe....

5:31 PM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

huh? oit!! a good tempoyak is too difficult to find lah. By the time you got here the Ikea thing might be over.

I tapau everything home marhhh :P

10:06 AM  

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