Friday, June 03, 2005


really is a chore

Waiting for the girl, waiting for the boy, waiting for your loved ones, waiting for result, wait wait wait and wait.

Somehow while waiting, time just move slower and you sink a little lower and your heart seems to beat a wee bit slower than normal.

Take someone at the chopping block for instance, in that milisecond from the time shiny, sharp metal make it first move downward until it reach its final destination on the block an entire lifetime pass through the doomed man's eyes. Well at least that's how the movie potrays it.

Well, I guess it is true for someone who know their time is up while for someone who got to this near death experience by accident something like shouting "fuck! fuck! fuck!" might be closer.

How do I know? Cause, yesterday I almost banged into a lorry that made an emergency brake gobsmack in the middle of the road.

While applying the brakes and loads of other techniques in stopping the bike, the word "fuck" races out from my mouth like a gattling gun fire right until I manage to stop a mere 5 inches from the protruding rear deck of the lorry. Lucky was I as at that time my tyre and front forks are already underneath the protruding rear deck.


And right now, I'm waiting for something again and it is not easy!


Anonymous N said...

I'm waiting for my knight in shining armor, WHERE THE FUCK IS HE? *sigh*

Oh well I guess beggars can't be choosers, if the armor a bit rusty also nvm lah, I can polish wan tihihi..

6:03 PM  
Anonymous phangan said...

wahhh... close call.. glad everything is ok

12:23 AM  
Anonymous ac said...

wah lau...*phew*

thank goodness u ok man.

1:12 PM  

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