Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rock, Gloom and Doom!

Last week was really tough and stressful for me. Stupid client didn't follow pre-agreed procedures, i didn't have sleep for few days, a sleeping partner in my company suddenly decided to be active, side-stepping landmines etc etc etc...

so naturally I was stressed, misereable and what not lah. As often is the case the music that I play will naturally reflect my mood lah. So play my Ipod and then S.M. Salim Song come out "Apa dah Jadi? Apa dah jadi? sampai sekarang tak kawin lagi." eh!!?

then I skip to the other one then come out "itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini..." aiyoh!!! The closest thing I got to a doom, gloom song is this "Tell laura I love her!!! tell laura I ....." cause the wanker then go and crash his race car marh...

we got rock like this. I want a song like "until it sleeps" about boiling anger, or "stand inside your love", or "Black lodge", or Sepultura's "Sympton of the Universe"... I want heavy, i want loud, I want dooom!!! I'm in misery dammit! S.M Salim won't cut it....

so, for the past few days I've been busy ripping my Metal and Rock CDs. I want DOOOMMMM!!!!

Yesterday I've finished quite a no of Cds, today alone I've done this

1. Nativity In Black - Tribute to Black Sabbath
2. Faith No More - album of the Year
3. Megadeth - Youthnasia
4. Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore
5. Van Halen - Live
6. Woodstock 94
7. Various Pearl Jams

Now I got to find my other Megadeths, Danzigs, NINs, Annihilators and what nots.

Rock ON!!!!!


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