Thursday, June 09, 2005

Things I learned yesterday

1. shaving with a 11 mth boy is a BIG NO NO

There I was shaving my 4 days of facial hair (quite a lot ok?) and trimming my goatee demonstrating it to him with great care. Then he suddenly decides to jump from the bed! Being the superdad that I am I instinctively drop the shaver and stop him. As a result the trimmed goatee become an Adolf Hitler's half goatee. Senget I tell you! Thus my current clean shaven look :(

2. When Partner says she stopped buying clothes for the son, it means she just stop showing it to me

As I was preparing him for shower cum "splash the water to daddy" session, I went through Lil' D's cabinet to pick the clothes for the boy. The partner prepared 3 sets of clothes, neatly folded in lil' D's bag but somehow I don't particularly fancy those she picked. So I rummage rummage rummage and Voila! there's 4 sets of new clothes! With price tags to boot. They're 1 size too big though.

Given the price tag was conveniently highlighted by flourescent highlighter, it must be one of those moments where she suddenly "lost" control of her body when it went on autopilot with the hands picking the shirts, the legs walk to the cashier and the fingers and wrist help with the purse and credit cards signature. Since it is beyond her control I decided not to make a fuss out of it.

3. The boy is absolutely fond of ladies.

On the way to picking up Areysha he just went on an on and on making sounds and what not, when Areysha came and sat at the rear seat he suddenly went quiet. It took him a full 5 minutes before flashing those sweet little smile of his and for the next 2 plus hours he completely behave himself. He sits quietly in the baby chair, he doesn't try to get out of it and jump, he didn't call on the passersby and most amazingly he just sat in his car seat quietly and there is efforts made to get out of it.* AMAZING!

After lunch and right after Areysha close the car's door and make way to her office the boy cried. He cried!! I tell you. Gosh!! somebody is surely putting his best behaviour to score some maximum point with some chicks.** This boyyyy..... Aiyoh! Don't know what to say lah.

* he did wink at the waitress, try to pull the decorative vase at nandos, try to climb to other seat, climbed the table to have a go at the forks and those nice nando's sauce bottles and crawled on the mall floor but that's just it. Very well behave, cause I can actually eat in peace!

**correction, not chicks its Auntie. Cause like it or not Areysha dear, you're his Aunt :)


Anonymous N said...

shookme jr. is fond of chicks? chip off the old block i'd say!!

3:22 PM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...


for one I'm straight

secondly, any guy who don't like chicks is either mad or a faggot!

for that alone I can breathe a sign for the Jr.

by the way its Lil' D

3:38 PM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

and one more thing,

people been saying he's cute and being just a "chip of the old block", you just imagine how good is the old block eh?


3:40 PM  
Anonymous N said...

no comment :P

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

U mean he is a little michelin boy??

Why you call your wife, the partner? Sounds like sound clandestine affair you are having!


6:54 PM  
Anonymous ac said...

hahahaha...Hitler half goatee


liddart no fun to geser Lil'D oredi

hey, dun masuk bakul angkat sendiri la...let other pepur angkat for u! :D

i guess mums tend to want to give the best to their babies mah, cos they won't be babies for long. just look at how time flies.

(shock!horror! Lil'D will become future playboy :P let the earth be forewarned of this luv machine)


2:50 PM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

dear ms kylie minogue,

ooohh, I like d term clandental watchacamacallit affair term. Sounds naughty :p actually cause she's more than a wife. she's mah partner in crime ;)

& yes, lil' D is a lil' mich boy. Michelin lah! not michelle :p

11:27 PM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

ac, nobody want's to angkut my bakul marhh.. so angkut myself lohr.

actually, no goatee means less 1 weapon but got plenty others

11:36 PM  
Blogger babe_kl said...

hrrrpphmmm men! tsk tsk tsk sighhhh

i guess u wont understd... kids grow up very fast one la. must hv backup extra bigger clothings in case the current ones got tight hehehe

yr "partner" is not alone and i supposed all mommies do the same thing as well teeheehehee...

i think i bought a lot too over the past 2 months cos my monster grew so tall... one ince per month!!!

9:21 AM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

babe, so you mean its not only her? this thing is inherent in all mothers? aiyohh.... does that include hiding stuff from the hubby as well? teheheehe...

me boy also, he's 11 mths but wearing those 16 mths clothes. aiyoyoyooo... heavier by the day...

2:06 PM  

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