Wednesday, June 15, 2005


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You see the above? That's my most prized CD of all time (and majority of rockers I'm sure) and I've been looking for it for the past 4 days. Thought I lost it and finally found it in my precious CDs collection by the DVDs. Phew!!

Wonder why its very precious? For one this is tribute to the grandfather of all Metal and heavy sounds Black Sabbath, and in it most rock group/people that matters contribute their version of the legendary songs, and it got kick ass inlays design and poster from that Preacher Comic book artist and......

There's loads of reason but how it got to my hand meant the most......

long long long time ago wayyyy back in the 90s. There is this young rocker kid who is into power chords and heavy stuff. The whole world however was hot with grunge, punk and those seattle sound and "Bah!" the kid said "what does those people know about power chords and distortion and anger and pain?" he said.

One fine day while reading through some underground fanzines he found that there's a tribute album for Black Sabbath. "that's the godfather of rock man!" says the kid. Must Buy! Says he. He then proceed to the usual rock music store, from Campbel Complex, to Pertama, to Central Market search he did to no avail. Upon various inquiry he finally found out that the album was banned in Malaysia and the only way to get it is via special order. Wanting a CD the cost involved in bringing in the CD would be beyond his reach. With a heavy heart he left the store and went back and plan his next move.

Hooking up with some of his mate he then ventured into selling T-shirts and stuff. Few months after that he went to the store again and placed an order, few weeks later he got this CD. Not having his own CD player he then seek to listen to the CD whenever he chance upon a CD player.

10 yrs on, I still treasure this album and by far the most comprehensive rock album there is. There's heavy, doom, hip, classical, sonic sound all in this album. A Must Have for all the rockers out there.

Rock On Dude!


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