Thursday, June 16, 2005


had lunch with some of my friends yesterday and it was pretty good fun. Sure it clashed with another lunch that I really want to go but I guess the adage "you won't miss what you ain't got in the first place" rings true in this case. I'm not at the other lunch so won't know what I missed.

Pick up a mate at his new office (which is around the corner to the old one) at around 12.20 and proceed to Pelita Nasi Kandar to meet the rest of the gang. The usual panellist is there plus a new friend. As usual, while busy talking about just about everything under the sun (from cars, to bikes, to the recent C*IMB and C*BC consolidation) we were busy checking out the surroundings (read : girls).

Actually its kinda funny as I don't do these stuff, at least not purposely, but with these bunch of wankers its like a well organised and highly trained unit.

Shag! Tino! Entrance Road Area. Latuk! Inside food Area. Afa! Man! Stairs and left side of the area... Des... .... While talking a slight change of tone from somebody would make all the others look at the direction he is looking. Magical! there is no need for finger pointing and secret code!

Without even having to say anything just about everybody knows what to do. If I ever have to go to war I would prefer these blokes to be in my unit. Very efficientt! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anyway, what strikes me the most is that these are mindless fun, boys being boys and just kicking back and relaxing. Initially I was rather amazed at how "sharp and desperate" these fellas are, like a pack of wolves i tell you. I mean even the not so "interesting" subject can be interesting but after a while i understood that it is nothing, just for fun. No harm done and we don't whistle like those mat rempits do or shout like those Ah Bengs. eheheh

All in all, it was a good lunch with a bunch of friends. And like it or not times like these and my usual Teh Tarik session on friday nights are the only time that I can kick back and relax. How times have changed.....


Blogger babe_kl said...

our ikan bakar and kuah assam jawa were superb :p kekeke best of all the company is GREAT!

8:48 AM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

babe, ahahhahaha... yeah yeah.. its a reunion of sort eh? Can Imagine how loud it can get.

But the lunch with the boys... was super cool too. And yes, now i have a thing for pelita food. Die lah.. how to diet like this :(

4:20 PM  

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