Wednesday, September 26, 2007

TAGGED! - 5 things...

Kena tagged. Rarely do this cause rarely notice that I kena tagged. Also its puasa month so I got to kill time, so....

5 things in my handbag/bag :-

(at the moment)
bag? what bag? ermmm... notebook bag ada notebook lah. what else?

5 things in my purse :-
Aint got no purse dawg. I got meself a new wallet though. Black leather with red stitches. Zassshhh!!

5 favourite things in my favourite room:-
errrr.... ermmm...... ermmm...... ni room mana ni?
1. ermmm... tv in the office
2. my u-shaped bolster in the bedroom
3. condoms. ermm.. actually I don't really like condom but prevention is better than .... :P
4. ermm.... KIPAS!!! if not darn hot la wey
5. Aircond!!!! syiok!

5 things I would like/love to do:-
This is a tricky one lah. hmmmm......
1 - Right now, nak makan. Lapar lah
2 - Korek hidung.
3 - Shag
4 - Minum!!! Sore throat ni
5 - Mandi hujan. So boleh la minum sikit.

5 things I'm currently doing :-
1 - Thinking about Nasi Ayam Damansara Uptown with the Assam Sotong.
2 - Air Longannya yang amat sedap
3 - Wondering whether the JAK*IM, J*AI*S will bungkus me together with the nasi ayam or not
4 - Wondering whether Nando's or Nasi Ayam is the better option
5 - Decides that McD's Drivethru is the safest option

Dah Siap



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