Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Liverpool vs Chelski - the first 90

GOALLL!!!!! Thanks Agger!

Looking at him it is easy to see why The Great Hyppia loss his place. Apart from the experience and great sense of positioning & timing by the Great Fun Agger trumps him in the speed, youth and for that extra kick the ability to finish. Agger is definitely for the future.

28th minute – FUCK YOU ASSLEY COLE! Look at his face! GRRRR!!! Good thing you got the Yellow for that.

31st thank you Reyna!

Come on guys! We need another one.

Looking at Finnan play he reminds me of Markus Babbel. He is not averse to coming into the middle when the situation warrants it. A bit underweight in terms of body strength but still good.

39th Phew! That’s a close one. Lucky Essien head not so round. And Why of Why did that Deuce Drogba keep getting the better of our central defenders? Times like these you’d need Hyppia’s experience and frame with Agger’s speed. Hmmmmm……..

45th Pennant, please lah! I’d really really encourage you to whack that ashely cole but please la no free kick in our half.. Can die lerh!!

58th – Boy oh Boy. Chelsea really is riding their luck innit? Hmmmmmmm……….. usually, things like this sure got bookie’s hand lah

OHHH!!!! Agger got tattoo on his hands…..

Makelele’s boot macam kasut croc. So colourful!

70th bodo punya pennant! 1st timer lah! See! Now kena scold by Carra oredi.

74th minute and its drogba again! Stupid lah! Kick him out of the game lah!!!

78th – Eh! Why ah? Alonso come in and already sweating like fug. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

85th Reyna really s fantastic! Darn! That was a close one

Aiyoh!! Extra time lah!

I’m afraid of this. We spent too much energy on the first 90.


hope we'll win!


Blogger TJ said...

you'll never walk alone ... LFC rulezzz

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