Monday, August 28, 2006

Bike no power lah. How?

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Aiyah!! I tell you, the past 1 year or so I spent quite a lot on my bike man. I’ve overhauled the baby, repaint it, changed its parts and god knows what.

After the project’s done I was darn happy.

But then when it comes to corners… I can’t take corners as before.

Hmmm…. There’s some problem with the braking as well. I can’t seemed to stop fast enough. It seems that more often than not I have to really lock the rear tyre for it to stop properly.

And then… what irks me the most is the fact that it has lost a lot of its top speed. I can only do only 110-115kmh max before the air resistance becomes too much and unbearable, while previously it can hit 140-150 with no problem.

Aiyoh! Others nevermind. But top speed I kennot.

Basket spend many thousands and top speed kennot even go more than 115? Chet! Stupid bike! Been together for 7 years already, got you a new paint, do a bypass on your heart and this is how you repay me? GRRRRRRR!

Ok la… Ok la. Can’t blame the bike lah. Maybe I got soo fat that I have the aerodynamic of a lard! Before blame people look in the mirror first lah right??

So I got meself a leather jacket.

Then Vrooom vroommm… test power and 117-118 only!! Basket!!!!

Then try the ultimate position, bent really low and *cue superman anthem…….


120!! 120!!!!!!!

Aiyoh!!! Like this confirm! Not aerodynamic problem. Must be power to weight ratio. I’m so fugging heavy that my 500 cc bike can only go 120!


If naik kapchai only 50kmh liao!!


Kena diet liao!!


Huh!? Diet?


Darn kaw saddd..!!! I love my fats!!! It make me look cute!


Then last Monday morning I got this sms

“Lajunya bawak motor!”

To which I replied “Where got? 90 only”

Then next morning I got another one

“You ride your bike more than 110km/h tau!”

Aiyah!! Having a bad week liao.. no need to pick up fight lah!!

So I quickly quickly call her to find out what’s wrong with her since she’s obviously picking a fight. Then she said “nothing wrong lah! U always scold me drive the car darn fast then you ride your bike darn fast cannnn???” aiyoh!! Fight liaooo… tsk tsk..

Then hor… I found out that she was telling the truth liao and she was doing 110kmh when I overtook her that morning and the day before was 100km/h. To make things a bit more interesting was that after I overtook her, few seconds later I was gone. ERK!




My bike’s speedo under reads liao! And the best part is it under reads by at least 30km/h.



YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!! no need diet!!!!!!!


Blogger babe_kl said...

ROTFL!!! duhhh

10:16 AM  
Blogger Stupe said...

hahaha...dude...i wanted to comment here that you were getting old, hence the slower speed.

looked like i'm wrong...itu cable punya pasal la your speedo read below the real speed.

1:17 PM  

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