Tuesday, May 30, 2006

its been 4 weeks

just so you know a mosquito average lifespan is around 1 week well at least the ones that can fly lah. i mean seriously you can only consider its a proper life when you got full use of your attributes innit?

like... you aint a mosquito if you can't bite people and suck blood or something. Cause a mosquito.. ermm.. lets call em Mosqi. Where was I? oh yeah. Cause a mosqi that can't bite is like a the current michael jakson and I tell you there ain't nothing worse than noseless MJ ok? poor sod he can't even sing nowadays.

and.... a Mosqi that ain't got em wings, or got 'em but can't fly is like the white michael jackson. OH!!! look at me.. I got white skin and i can dance and jump. Wooohooo.. Jeng! Jing! Jeng!!
OH! wait!! is my balls still in hanging? You know after the jumpin and all the balls just might drop ya know? Is the after effect from all those bleachin. Which explains why MJ always hold his crotch and lift it up. I mean seriously, why the heck do you think his nose fall off first instead of his balls? Cause he never hold and lift it like his balls that's why. And you don't say i didn't warn you ok?

and a proper Mosqi with wings that can fly and can bite people and suck blood is like the Black Michael Jackson. Which means when you walk the sidewalk will light up, when you scream windscreens just cracks and splinters to gazillions pieces and you're so hot even the ghosts memorise the steps and join in the dance. And I'm tellin' you that is one mighty cool shit. You can even change to a wild jungle african cat! BLACK CAT!! says his sister.

Now you know what I mean by full blown life? you got to use each and every part of your body and whatever else. Cause like the Black MJ, you're one cool shit.

But there's 1 problem though... only female Mosqi go and suck people dry ya'll. The males once they got the full use of their body they just go get a shag and then die a few days later. The shit didn't even last a week. Damn! That's friggin embarrasing dawggg.. but you aint a man if you aint got a shag. Stayin' true to our male kind eh you Male Mosqi!

*make tumbs up

so... to say.. you at the peak of your life is like a full blown mosqi aint right. Cause the Male die in less than a week and didn't even get to suck some blood. Thus, the correct term for living life to the fullest would be like a Female Mosquito, you got you wings, you shag a man, leave him to die, you fly and suck up some poor sod's blood. and after you got finished sucking up the guy you lie low and lay your eggs. Once you're done, you fly again and suck from another... and the cycle continues...

Life's good aye?

Come to think of it, there are certainly parallels between female Mosqis and certain human females.



Anonymous phangan said...

blood suckers? hehehehe

10:10 AM  

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