Thursday, March 02, 2006

of fuel price increase and demos at the KLCC

So tomorrow there will be a mass demo over the fuel hike lah. Arrange as usual by PAS, NGOs et al.

now here's the thing...

just about every excuse they got they'll protest lah. political mileage marh..... But if they're in power would they do that? of course I'll bet you my arms they would.

And here are some of the people who said "look at the middle east, they're so comfortable with their oil money they become like that. Have no desire to improved on their lives and be more efficient."

and yet, protest any price hike?

and this is the same people say "Malaysia is too protective of their national products. If open the economy, be more globalised we'll sure will benefit from cheaper goods!"

and yet, when this same monster called globalisation, the world with no boundaries and all have this effect on oil price they call on the government to keep it low, what happened to the outside world should not affect us. We are country with oil marh!

Seriously mate, you expect the price to remain as it is? Tiu! say want globalisation etc etc etc... when it comes to oil price don't want to be affected by the world market.

macam mana kawan??? only want the good thing is it?

p/s talk about the petronas what fark later lah. you don't see BP subsidising the whole of great britain innit?

p/s if we do not come and face the reality of these high oil price we'll never fine tune our lives and process and be as competitive globally. etc etc etc... malas lah


Blogger Chen said...

btw, I heard many people want to partake in this mass demo leh.. --> massive traffic jam...

11:09 PM  

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