Friday, February 10, 2006

oh friends, dads and liverpool

2 days ago this particular furry friend of mine ask me where to get a shotgun license. When I ask why, he said.. "so that when they open the door, the guy who gonna date my daughter will see me oiling my shotgun in the living room"


over controlling freak!!!

and today we had another session...

Furry_pet: if ur son wanted to support MU next time leh?

Shook : tiu!!!

Shook : i cancel astro

Shook : sent him to school in some felda...

Furry_pet: or if ur future dotter in law is a MU fan?

Shook : i won't allow my son to marry her...

Furry_pet: u are a mean father man

Shook : like you're not!

Shook : my blood is red brother. and its red for a reason...

Furry_pet: and someone said i was an over-controlling dad




Anonymous N said...

both dad also bengong

hmphh! men!

5:12 PM  

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