Tuesday, October 11, 2005

PUASA : What to do?

shook: actually
shook: i wanna blog about this...
shook: but didn't
shook: have the time
Hot_Babe: abt wht
shook: puasa
shook: you see
shook: puasa is very boring
shook: you can't eat
shook: can't pick your nose
Hot_Babe: uhuh
Hot_Babe: hahhahaa
Hot_Babe: can
shook: can't dowload porn
shook: can't watch porn
Hot_Babe: but not tahap syokkk
shook: that's why lah.. tak syiok
shook: anyway...
Hot_Babe: uhuh
shook: once you get rid of these activities from my life....
Hot_Babe: uhuh
shook: I'm surprised that I really got nothing to do
shook: it shows how much crap do I spent on each day eh?
shook: ekekekeke
shook: anyway...
shook: devoid of all the things mentioned
Hot_Babe: uhuh
shook: I got load of free time rifght?
shook: so..
shook: what do I do?
Hot_Babe: rite
Hot_Babe: what?
shook: I got horny..
shook: that's what!
Hot_Babe: hahahhah
shook: but I can't download porn
shook: can't watch porn
shook: let alone do something about the hornyness!
shook: see!
shook: that's a cycle of depression all over ok....
Hot_Babe: how can u get horny..?
shook: how can?
shook: dah tu nak buat apa pun tak boleh
shook: makan tak leh
shook: korek hidung tak leh
Hot_Babe: ya lah...no porn..
shook: tgk porn tak leh
Hot_Babe: no nothing
shook: i don't like to sleep
shook: then?
shook: sit alone
shook: horny lah!
shook: ahahahhahahahah
Hot_Babe: there are such thing as "wwwork"
shook: oh!
Hot_Babe: hah!
shook: I almost forgot that one
Hot_Babe: u forgot??!!
shook: heh!..............


Anonymous N said...

horny shmorny...poor darling.. come, let me fix you good..come here you...


*thwacks shookme's head kaw2*


6:18 PM  
Blogger Desparil said...

eh, who's that hot babe? single ah?


12:13 PM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

N, wahhhhhh..... so ganas! give chance a bit can a not?

des, you crazy ah? she reads the blog lah. later she know how? :P

1:18 PM  
Anonymous N said...

am i not a hot babe too? *sulks*

3:37 PM  
Blogger truth said...

Buka puasa mesti jaga sikit...hahahhaa. Don't be so horny ! Else it's hard to maintain your puasa!

10:29 AM  

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