Friday, December 02, 2005

ROAD BULLY! so I want a faster car...

most probably you guys got harrased by some road bully or something and
almost got into fight or they hassle you on the road and almost got into
accident. And most people say just ignore but this is what I got to say...

bros, sometimes if we ignore they'll continue to harrass us all the way
back home and when that happens it gets dangerous. Even at my yard/office
with all the friendly thugs around I dare not lead them to my office (more
for this w4nker's safety than mine). So it is better if we can just run
away and leave the f4rker behind (can't slow down then we'll be late for work).

Recently I used this line of argument to coax the partner in being
agreeable for me to get a go faster car and this is what happened :


me : darn. Just got tailed and almost involved in accident several times
from this stewpid road bully.

partner : why? got some crazy car hassle you again?

me : yeah! I need faster car to run away from the stupid road bully lah.
Don't want to get into fights anymore, old already so better safe than
sorry. so what do you think of the new volvo V50 T5?

partner : huh? ok lah! at least nicer than your previous volvo wagon.

me : so ok lah hor... nicer and faster so can run from these stupid drivers.

partner : huh? why do you want to run away from the driver again?

me : because now old already so better run and leave the stupid driver
behind than kena hantam. better safe than sorry.

partner : aiyah... no need faster car lah. get the old volvo that my father
used to drive. I heard its quite cheap now and if people hit you also no
problem. very strong..

me : huh? you mean the volvo 244?

partner : dunno, but the boxy one lah... daddy used to drive when I was in
Ipoh. primary school one...

me : eeeee... ugly lah! and not that fast also

partner : not fast but very safffeee... you said you wanna be safe right? you
see, my lil bro used to ram his bike straight at the car and the door
barely had a mark. nothing! I'm sure you'll be safe in that

me : huh? but kennot run away....

partner : sure.. but strong. Then, mummy used to reverse and bang into this
TNB pole and nothing happened. of course the pole bengkok lah but very ok one..

me : but I need something fas..

partner : ah! then when balik kampung that time daddy park below this
cempedak tree and ............... (she continues with quite a no of example
of how SAFE and STRONG the car was)

tsk.. tsk.. tsk...


Blogger truth said...

Buy ferrari!

1:55 AM  
Blogger Jeryc said...

Ahahaha, woooo, Abang Michelin wanna V50 T5? How about 850T5R? Lagi laju, and safe, boxy boxy mah! Kena cempedak also no dents!

12:28 AM  

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