Saturday, February 11, 2006

Of us the 99% peaceful muslim

There's a discussion in a forum about muslim and violence etc and the stereotype that comes with it. Fair enough. But what irks me the most is the accusation that we muslim knows nothing but violence, agression etc. Thus this is my reply for the issue

this is from a non-muslim forumner expressing his views and 1 thing I like about this guy he is good in conveying his points and thoughts.

"The reality is the INACTION of the 97% that is worrying. Why do
they let the 3% hijack the situation and let the whole world perceive that
Islam is associated with violence?"

"Now that I am a man and have travelled almost the world, I come to realise
that the majority of so-called good moderate muslims are NATO = No Action
Talk Only, especially when the minority resorts to violence. Muslims
always blame others for their own failings,...such a long list to write
down. "

------ this then is my reply ---------------

what then you suggest? that the balance 97% beat up the 3% in the name of peace? peace via unpeaceful means. now that's a thought.

The stereotype been there for the longest time. The movies, publication etc ran out of communist/russian to be the bad boy and now they are left with only muslim. so you got muslim this muslim that.

and the action of these stupid demonstrators across the world just cements it further. Even though its only 1% or whatever small percentage, witht he right coverage of media and the proper angle of the camera it'll look awful. and the rest 97%? 99%? were'nt focussed as much cause we didnt do anything spectacular to gain the "focus" of the cameras. After all, all we did are just signing petitions, post in our blogs, create a website and frankly speaking there's no fire and bombs or skimpily clad women to make it interesting. Sure you couldn't expect us to take the streets and clash with the 3% (or 1%) do you?

oh! maybe we should.. cause by then the west would know that there are muslims who are against this burning and looting and doing something about it. But as usual, they also resort to violent means.

Now that's a story, muslims vs muslim and of course it involves pitchforks, rocks, clubs, and of course bombs!

p/s On the protest yesterday friday, i didn't resort to pitchforks, rocks and clubs though to stop them though. I however told my staff, that they should be back when the office opens at 2.30 and not a minute late or they'll face internal inquiry. Of course I couldn't stop them from how they utilise their break now can't I?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stumbled onto this site doing a google search and spotted your post about muslims.

I didn't see any suggestion that the "97%" of muslims beat up the 3%. Those were your words.

I also am completely struck by the inaction of the 97% of so called peaceful muslims. They don't need to beat anyone up, but how about standing up tall and denouncing those who hijack their religion for their own personal lust for power?

Just once, I'd like to see a gathering of imams stand up and denounce the violence in Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iran and, yes, Iraq.

For goodness sake we Americans are certainly human. We don't always do things right, but we do believe in doing the right thing and always ALWAYS try to help the oppressed. We listen to fairy tales as children of princes rescuing fair maidens, hollywood always has a tough guy riding into town in a white hat to save the town from the evil gang of outlaws.

Of course it's a bit naive. Naturally we completely mess things up just as often as we help. But give us credit for trying to do something. Someone should, I mean how can you sit back and be quiet as people like Saddam and so many others torture, rape and slaughter hundreds of thousands of innocent people? Their own people.

And for once, how about the 99%...97% whatever stand up and back us up or at least participate in the solution rather than sit back and critique.

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