Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the problem with my property

actually on top of the freakin related problem I got 1 really major one right now. Since I'm a lazy bugger so I just paste here lah.


hi guys, partner bought a house in 2001. Its a single storey corner lot at Lestari Puchong, nearby the Pasar Selangor developed by Europlus/Talam

It was ready on time etc. We didn't move in as we were mislead of its
location and the main connecting road is not ready thus making it too far to our working place and not very practical for us.

Even then I would go and check on the house at least once in every 2 months.

So recently somebody wants to rent the unit from us since its somewhat near to putrajaya and bangi side.

So I went and install the grille and I found that there's a hole on the
ground going near my porch. Called my contractor friend to sort it out. and He came yesterday and check and to my horror, almost all of the soil
beneath house has sunk.

He said this happens because the contractor/developer didn't compact the soil properly during its construction. And for me to rectify it (via
filling the underground with concrete) it'll be very very costly.

here's the thing, the warranty period of 18 months has expired and I
actually asked the maintenance office to sort it out (this was before I
found out it actually is larger than I thought) and they say the period is
over and they won't sort it out.

and selling is not a very good idea. Due to location and the general mess
the developer got the area into it will be below the price that we bought
it. However, I wil not rule this out but not before rectifying the issue.

So what do I do?

p/s I won't sell or rent out the place without sorting this one out or the
buyer knows of the true condition.


So there! freakin big mess!


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