Friday, March 07, 2008

Elections & Mountainbikes

Last weekend I went cycling at FRIM.
Due to the heavy rain the past few days and some irrigation work up the hill, the trek uphill was pretty tough. Mud all over the place, tyres struggling to find grip and on some downhill section you might find some of the mud in your face, or worst your mouth (me lah since not fit and always have to open mouth for that additional air intake)

As usual for MTBers at FRIM, the clearing at the top of the hill with a huge water pipe is where everybody takes a breather before deciding whether to attack the "steroid hill" or take another path downhill towards Sungai Buloh (and the subsequent climb back up of course).

I was alone that day as most of my kakis got some other commitment or the shout out was just a bit too last minute (11.30 the night before actually). So as I arrived there, there was 2 fella talking and I just joined in the chat lah. They we're talking about erecting some flags and hanging some banners and posters. I then relate to them how during my student days I made some pocket money from pasting posters and erecting some flags too.

One of the guy then told me he did it for free, as PAS (the opposition) don't have the money plus also they're from the same neighbourhood and use the same mosque. Much unlike the Ruling Coalition that pay people to do these jobs. So I got a friendly "lecture" related to the elections lah, Islamic state lah, role of mosque lah etc etc you know the whole pas/islamic talk kinda thing.

Then he said to me "Nanti masa undi nanti nak undi apa?".
Which I replied "Oh! Saya teringin nak jadi angkasawan bang. Since tak dapat, saya ingat nak undi Rocket lah!"

He paused for a moment, look at me 1 kind and then said
"ROCCCKEETTT pun takpeee!!!"


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