Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I kapak!

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So yesterday I was wandering aimlessly in a mall. Waiting for some govt's department to process your thing can be really tiring you know.

So go la round round round aimlessly. really like nothing to do one. So just go and drop by this Music Store and WHOA PIANG!! Got Double Trouble liao! That's a very rare items you know. The first CD where Malaysia's Rock Kapak Era heavyweights combined in 1 album ok?

Suddenly dunno how hor... I'm paying for 5 CDs. All Rock Kapak CDs. Siao ah!
Got 1 Wings + Search, got 3 Wings old albums, and 1 VCD of Wings in concert back in 1991. Lucky the price is only RM19.90 one. Phew!!

As a result, after work yesterday I've been harrassing a friend to sing with me the "Rock N Roll Lu punya suka" song. And this morning she text me and said "OIT! your Rock Kapak song in in my head!!!"


Even my son got into this Kapak madness. On the way back from the babysitter's yesterday, there's no Elmo, Barney or any silly dancing jigging dinosaur. He listened to R N R Lu Punya Suka and some other Kapak songs and duly shake his head, raise his hands and even shouted "WROK" imitating a part of the song.

Lil' D Rules!!!

and Kapak FOREVER!!!!

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*Not quite the rock sign but good enough :D

Monday, July 10, 2006


Did I ask too much ?
More than a lot ?

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