Saturday, March 08, 2008

Election Dilemma

For those who dunno how to go about at the election centre, it was pretty simple really.

First you check ur name and status at the Voters details/confirmation desk. They'll give u your Saluran no/Line no and your Serial no.

Then you accordingly go to the line allocated to you, wait for your turn.

Once you got into the room there will be 3 person there. The first person will ask for your IC and your serial no (if you got them lah). Then s/he will call out your name to be confirmed by the observer.

The 2nd person will then give you the 2 slips, 1 for parliament seat and the other for the State seat.

The 3rd person then will inspect the slips to make sure that the slips are clean from any marks of any kind and once he was satisfied he will mark the slip by punching the no of your line/saluran.

You then bring the 2 slips to the booth and cross the candidate that you want lah. No photos of the candidates though just some logo of the party that they represent.

Then you deposit the slips accordingly to their respective transparent boxes. One each for parliament and state seat.

Voila! Simple lah.

Just 2 issue really.

1. Why on earth we still use 2B pencil? I know la the case of them cancelling the usage of indellible ink but why can't a simple ball pen or gel pen be used? a bit more permanent right?

2. I aspire to be an astronaut! But at my consituency don't have rocket lah. How la to become astronaught like this? Die ler....

Should I go for the libra sign? become a moon man? or just cross that Oakley logo?

fuck lah! darn difficult lah like this. Libra sign so old skool one, where got people use that kind of scale anymore? All use digital scale lah.

That moon thing... aiyoh! How to go to moon if don't have rocket? Somemore, u sure Louis Armstrong land on the moon meh?

As for Oakley? TIU LEYR!! Didn't know that shades company can sponsor political party wan. Niasing. I won't vote for them unless they gave me a Radar shade with them photochromic glasses.

How lah? How Lah? HOW LAH!!!!?????

Fuck it!




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