Sunday, May 29, 2005


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The Crusaders Won!

we won 35 -25. Though the score might show there's somewhat of a fight in actual reality its all Crusaders right until the last 10-15 minutes or so when we slacked somewhat in our defense.

It also spell the end of Canterbury's and Crusaders' career for Dave hewett, Norm Maxwell and more importantly the great Justin Marshall. With Marshall will continue his playing days in Leeds.

"The highest capped halfback in All Black history, Justin Marshall remains the most dominant force behind the scrum in the New Zealand game. His 24 Test tries are a record for New Zealand, more than doubling the next best. Marshall was lured to Canterbury where he first cracked the All Blacks on the 1995 tour of Italy and France. Marshall linked up with first five-eighths Andrew Mehrtens for the first time at provincial level that year, and they were paired together for the first time in Tests against Samoa the following season beginning a partnership that starts the season just seven games short of 50 at Test level."

profile here

Another All Blacks veteran and great Andrew Mehrtens will most probably play his last game for Canterbury having featured in the last minute of the game. Dr Mehrtens (he was once affectionately called for his sublime kicking boots and skill) got relegated to the bench this year not for his lack of skill but more due to the All Blacks's coach call for exposure to youngster for the 1st five position to provide adequate cover for the veterans of Carlos Spencer and of course the great Mehrts himself.

"Arguably the most influential player of the professional era, Andrew Mehrtens is poised to add another chapter to his glowing career after missing international selection in 2003. Mehrtens' tactical nous has been the driving force behind Canterbury, the Crusaders and the All Blacks over the last decade, while he is always dangerous on the break when the opportunity presents itself."

full profile here

These 2 are hardly in decline but with the Blacks pressing needs for back-ups and bored of "more of the same" they have decided to call it quits with NZ's rugby scene. With Mehrts and Marshall gone it mark the last of the surviving player from the team that I first supported in 1997 and damn! I'm feeling my age! :(


anyway... to the girls fear not for in Mehrts place is his understudy for many years now is Mr Dan Carter. Eventhough he demonstrated his lack of nerves in the last world cup (thus the Kiwi's call for the Coach's head for omitting Merhts from the team) and lack of composure under pressure he is one hot fav with the ladies. Well, he was voted the sexiest man in NZ for his boxers advert so its not all that bad eh?

*to babe, chen, areysha, n, satine and rest of you girls go and search for the ads photo yourself! Was told by a female friend you wont be disappointed :P

anyway, here's to the Black and Red greats! and to the future

*Full report here

**incidently Carlos Spencer will also be playing his last season in NZ rugby this season. But then since he is a Blues... who cares! :P


now a friend put a link to my blog and labelled it Michelin.


aiyoyoyoooo.... chen! why lah? can't you just put "the cute and cuddly michelin man"? at least it'll reflect the reality better than a simple "michelin". Later people will think of me as a tyre pulak xx(

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Today's the day! Crusaders vs Waratah

in 30 minutes time there'll be a live telecast of the final of Super 12 between the 4 times champions, breeding ground of the All Blacks, the Great Red & Black of Canterbury Crusaders vs errrm.... errrm.... the other team NSW Waratah.

Just in case you're wondering what is Super 12, its a the Southern hemisphere premier rugby club competition where clubs from 3 countries New Zealand, Australia and South Africa compete.

anyway, me off now gonna watch it live


Thursday, May 26, 2005



dragged the entire clan to the tv hall. The partner and the poor 10 months old boy.

declare holiday for myself and my co (staffers went back home at 10am)

gonna repaint my bike RED!

and.. andd.... if we got admitted to Champions league next season I'll belanja some of my mates lunch :D

now, hopefully Canterbury Crusaders will win the Super 12 rugby and Perak will avoid the relegation from Malaysia's Super League.

HAH!!! We're the Champions of Europe!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Tonight's the night!

and the world will turn RED!

Champions league final

Liverpool vs Ac Milan


oh! told a friend why direct footie was boring and here's why

you see a wall. a direct person would go to the wall and either smash
through it (like everton and blackburn) or just climb above it (spurs,
bolton and loads of other english teams)

while a smarter person would go "hey! why should i waste my energy and
climb the wall when i can just walk extra 4 feet to the left and just walk
around it. "

OR, say another friend, you can be chelsea and buy the bloody wall :P

tonight though I don't care whether its direct, indirect, roundabout, zwiggly twiggly, just about whatever as long as we win.


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