Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tsunami - Avenue for Donations

I've been really busy with work, familial obligations and some really bad issues and problems and I have a few post that I have yet to publish. However this thing requires immediate attention thus this post.

I've gathered some channels for us to Donate to those affected by the Tsunami recently. The list is sorted by mode of donation available Electronics, Cheque and Cash and Food, Clothes, Medicine and other items respectively.

I would like to record my thanks to my wonderful friends and car kakis who have contribute to this list. For those who have other info please feel free to leave the details in the comments section or email me.

**disclaimer : the list was compiled from newspapers, friends and other reliable sources. Any form of donation should be made directly as per list below and to the organisation concerned. Any usage and distribution of the fund is at the discretion of the said fund manager


- Maybank Account No. 114013169092 OR 514011389072

Where How
a. Maybank counters nationwide - Cash or Cheque Donation
- Payee’s Name Star / Maybank Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund.
- Kindly also write the Fund’s Account Number at the reverse of your

b. Maybank ATM - Third Party Transfer.

c. Maybank (Cheque deposit machine) - Payee’s Name Star / Maybank Tsunami
Relief Fund.
- write the Fund’s Account Number at the reverse of your cheque.

d. - Under Fund Transfer to 3rd Party Accounts
- Input the Fund’s Account Number

2. How long is the Fund campaign?

The Star / Maybank Tsunami Relief Fund is opened from December 29, 2004
to January 31, 2005.


A. The STAR Newspaper drive
Write cheques to the following

A. Organisation involved : Red Crescent
Pay to : Malaysian Red Crescent Society
additional note : “Tidal Waves Victims” written on the back of the

B. Organisation involved : Mercy Malaysia
Pay to : Mercy Humanitarian Fund
Additional note : “South-East Asia Earthquake Appeal” written on
the back of the cheque.

send to the following address :
1. Menara Star, 15 Jalan 16/11, Section 16, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia,
2. Penang office at The Star Northern Hub in Penang at 202 Jalan Sultan
Azlan Shah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

**star will pass the cheque to the respective fund


- Cheque payable to : New Straits Times Press Berhad.

- Additional info : On the reverse side of the cheque, please write "NST-BH Malaysian Tsunami Disaster Fund."

- Send to : New Straits Times or Berita Harian, Balai Berita, 31, Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

*All contributions will be handed over to the Federal Government Disaster Fund.

- cheques payable to YAYASAN SULTANAH BAHIYAH
- additional info : write `TSUNAMI FUND' at the back of the cheque
- contact : 04 - 730 4112 or fax (604-732 2730) and speak to En. Mohd Nasir Ismail or email at for further enquiries.

D. Mack's Brand New Malaysian


Update on Bloggers for Tsunami Victims Donation Fund. My wife is handling
the donation project and will be posting in this blog relevant details
woth regards to the issue.

The account number for you to bank in donate to is as follows:

Affin Bank : 1022 0000000 38248
Branch : Puchong
Name : Aini Marlina Binti Halim

Donors who bank in their contributions, kindly hold on to your bank in
slips and check here for acknowledgement of receipt on our part. We will
be updating this entry daily, to reflect the amount donated and the entry
number for you to countercheck. At the end of the donation period, we
will hand over the money together with those from the USJ/SJ Donation
to red Crescent Society Malaysia.

Please direct any questions to our Bloggers Stand Up for Malaysia Email
address, or direct to me here.



A. Buddhist Maha Vihara

Buddhist Maha Vihara
123 Jalan Berhala, Brickfields
50470 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2274 1141 / fax : 03 2273 2570

* You can give them can / dry food, cloths, medcine, and money / cheque
write to "Buddhist Maha Vihara"
- 1st shipment to the respective country will be on this friday 31st,
and the activity will still be carried on thereafter
- Medcine will sent by flight..

and I got this via email last night.

B. Items send to Northern states organised by 4X4 club

Sesiapa yg ingin menyumbangkan pakaian utk mangsa Tsunami di Utara
Malaysia, boleh lah menghantar pakaian tersebut ke

Place : tempat letak kereta .. bersebelahan Dataran Maybank, Bangsar
Time : 4:00 ptg hingga 6:30 ptg hari Jumaat 31/12/2004.

Organiser event ini ialah pasukan 4X4 yang akan menghantar pakaian yg
didermakan ke Kuala Muda, Kedah pada malam itu juga. Ini ialah trip
ke 2 mereka.

translation :
those who wish to donate items such as clothes to the Tsunami victim up
north you can drop them at

Place : Dataran Maybank, Bangsar parking lot
Time : 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm Friday 31/12/2004

This effort is organised by a 4X4 team and will be donated/transport to
Kuala Muda Kedah on the night itself. this is their 2nd trip.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Of Friday nights and friends Pt 2

last night was a rather tame affair at the TT. Was a bit late as I was busy pretending that the Sirloin Steak was a dang good meal while trying to figure out what does my client meant by "cantankerous" when we're talking about food.

Nope, for the life of me there's nothing cantankerous with that well done sirloin steak which honestly it severely needs. Some Cantankerousism would make it stand out. Though I can't guarantee that it'll taste good but at the very least at RM43 a pop, it better differentiate itself than the western food fare stall at the roadside. And no! A growth of garlic with the top cut off can not be considered as different. That's more of a vampire killing weapon than something worthy of a place in my stomach!

oh yah!! The dinner was in a fine 5-star hotel that have quite a reputation for its food. Gosh! those food reviewers, they've been eating all scrumplicious and mongolicious good food all the while that when "in-need-of-Cantankerousism" sirloin steak come along they find it wonderful. Ouch! Too much of a good thing is not good after all.

aih! I'm digressing.

lets see......

oh! the TT!

nope, was pretty ok and nothing interesting happened other than a friend finally manage to find a supercharger for RM10K. Well, its bloody cheap compared to the usual price of RM30-40K. But for me to get it, it will entail me pawning my soul to the devil and a portion of my body too. heh!

Of more significance however, was how we actually talked about real life situation. Honestly! nothing like that actually happened before, but last night was "different". Maybe due to the fact that we have 3 of our gang lining up to get married next year. Those married were giving out advice and tips and what not. It is heartening to see the more experienced members sharing more than just car tips, what more when it involved life altering decisions like marriage and matrimony.

Granted that this "life altering advice session" only happen at the wee hours of the morning when everybody is sober and have not much "out of this world" stories to tell. Where the body is tired, the mood is subdued and words straight from the heart easily flows. But it is indeed refreshing. It really is.

I never thought I'd say a man's straight heart-to-heart discussion will be refreshing and good. What more when it involve emotions, life and these "womanly" stuff. We men want to hear Sex, Drugs & Booze related stories. Tonight though, is different.

As much as this session is for the benefit of the "GPSed-but-not-yet-shackled 3", the "shackled + GPSed" members reveled at the opportunity as well. It is as honest as it get and the giver and the taker really make an emotional connection which is very rare for an all guys gathering. I find it really good and informative especially when the general word is "Yes! Avoid at all cost!".

Music to my ears! :D

Friday, December 03, 2004

Of Friday nights and friends

Last Friday after some 2 months of Hellish and non-stop work, I finally manage to resume my “leisure” part of life. Thus last Friday I finally manage to join my car mates‘ fortnightly Teh Tarik (“TT) session.

Most people have this misconception where a gathering of car enthusiast would entails a boring detail and technical discussion about cars or some chun japs chicks with a pink cabrio having a go with some blokes.

Blame it on the media and movies but this is no more further than the truth. Granted that there’s some 15,000 parts to a car but heck! There’s a reason for mechanics right? As for the street race ala Three Fast Three Furious over here in Malaysia, that’s the Mat Motor Superman's domain.

So as usual, the fully expected “OII! You still alive ah?” was heard way before I take my seat. Then proceed with the yackety yaketi yak and some serious interrogation for my "lost" friend. It went something like this,

Me : Oit!! You sold your car ah?? Turncoat!! What you driving now?

Andu : Now I support National car marh! Got the national MPV for family lah.

**I slap my already huge forehead thinking "he'll not get away with that excuse

Me : Didn’t see any Naza here also?

Andu : ehhhhh!! That family car lah, now I drive Putra


And in unison we’re like “oit!! that's not continental!"

After a few more acidic question then only I realized that the putra was fully modded with close to 300bhp and a bag full of torque! Ugh!! (that’s like 6 times the power of your average Wira)

hhhmmm... **evil grin

(fast forward to our conversation just some 30 secs after that.)




Andu : OII!!! don't know how to drive is it? REV LAH!!!"

Me : OIT!! first time on your car with all this power i sure don't want to crash your car to those parked by the roadside"

then in a condescending tone he said

Andu : Aih!! talk only la you! lemme show you how!

We switch seats. He put on the seatbelt and straightaway blast to the redline.





Some 300 m up the road, after reaching 120kmh and he “slowed” down for a 360 degree turn

Me: OIT!!

Me : ANDU!

Me : fuck you!!!

Me : let me get the fucking seatbelt first!!!

With One hand still clutching the “stuck” seat belt and another on the dashboard.

Andu : "eh!! you haven't put it on karh?"


Lucky he has that stupid grin that all petrol head can emphatised with, otherwise I’ll stuck his head out the window and wind the bloody glass up and leave him there to rot!.

Maybe some of you didn’t get what actually transpired, but to put in perspective

  1. Note that only he put the seatbelts

  1. My seatbelt is not really broken. It is perfectly fine, but the jolts from every gearshifts activates the seatbelts locking mechanism much like it behaves when there’s a crash

  1. NO! 1 hand holding a stuck seatbelt and another on the dashboard won’t help you in a crash.

  1. During that few seconds while i was grappling with the seatbelt as fate would have it there’s a dog crossing the road and I went like “DOGGIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!”

I know, I know. It is not the most macho thing to Warn bout a dangerous dog. But under the circumstances …………….. You get the idea lah right?

And tonight there’s another TT

heh! heh! heh! heh!

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