Friday, December 03, 2004

Of Friday nights and friends

Last Friday after some 2 months of Hellish and non-stop work, I finally manage to resume my “leisure” part of life. Thus last Friday I finally manage to join my car mates‘ fortnightly Teh Tarik (“TT) session.

Most people have this misconception where a gathering of car enthusiast would entails a boring detail and technical discussion about cars or some chun japs chicks with a pink cabrio having a go with some blokes.

Blame it on the media and movies but this is no more further than the truth. Granted that there’s some 15,000 parts to a car but heck! There’s a reason for mechanics right? As for the street race ala Three Fast Three Furious over here in Malaysia, that’s the Mat Motor Superman's domain.

So as usual, the fully expected “OII! You still alive ah?” was heard way before I take my seat. Then proceed with the yackety yaketi yak and some serious interrogation for my "lost" friend. It went something like this,

Me : Oit!! You sold your car ah?? Turncoat!! What you driving now?

Andu : Now I support National car marh! Got the national MPV for family lah.

**I slap my already huge forehead thinking "he'll not get away with that excuse

Me : Didn’t see any Naza here also?

Andu : ehhhhh!! That family car lah, now I drive Putra


And in unison we’re like “oit!! that's not continental!"

After a few more acidic question then only I realized that the putra was fully modded with close to 300bhp and a bag full of torque! Ugh!! (that’s like 6 times the power of your average Wira)

hhhmmm... **evil grin

(fast forward to our conversation just some 30 secs after that.)




Andu : OII!!! don't know how to drive is it? REV LAH!!!"

Me : OIT!! first time on your car with all this power i sure don't want to crash your car to those parked by the roadside"

then in a condescending tone he said

Andu : Aih!! talk only la you! lemme show you how!

We switch seats. He put on the seatbelt and straightaway blast to the redline.





Some 300 m up the road, after reaching 120kmh and he “slowed” down for a 360 degree turn

Me: OIT!!

Me : ANDU!

Me : fuck you!!!

Me : let me get the fucking seatbelt first!!!

With One hand still clutching the “stuck” seat belt and another on the dashboard.

Andu : "eh!! you haven't put it on karh?"


Lucky he has that stupid grin that all petrol head can emphatised with, otherwise I’ll stuck his head out the window and wind the bloody glass up and leave him there to rot!.

Maybe some of you didn’t get what actually transpired, but to put in perspective

  1. Note that only he put the seatbelts

  1. My seatbelt is not really broken. It is perfectly fine, but the jolts from every gearshifts activates the seatbelts locking mechanism much like it behaves when there’s a crash

  1. NO! 1 hand holding a stuck seatbelt and another on the dashboard won’t help you in a crash.

  1. During that few seconds while i was grappling with the seatbelt as fate would have it there’s a dog crossing the road and I went like “DOGGIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!”

I know, I know. It is not the most macho thing to Warn bout a dangerous dog. But under the circumstances …………….. You get the idea lah right?

And tonight there’s another TT

heh! heh! heh! heh!


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