Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Of Lunch, Areysha & Me

So I went out for lunch with Areysha.

It has been awhile, with the last was just a day before the Puasa (fasting).

In actual fact today’s lunch plan was rather flip-floppy. Initially the plan was to send some items to the Kelana Jaya area, maybe ask my client for lunch and then shoot off to Ikea to buy some stuff.

Just so happened Areysha called right after I confirmed with my client. Well, I can’t really say no to her, what more it has been ages since we last met. So there I was calling my client again and profusely saying sorry for having to “postpone” our lunch. Lunch that I called no less and I think I have to treat them to better food than just the normal fare next time. :(

So off I went shooting from the centre of KL to Kelana Jaya and back again to Areysha’s office in Bangsar. Times like these the RM3.20 toll from KL to PJ via the New Pantai Expressway (NPE) is just so worth it.

Some 30 minutes after leaving the office, I was at her office’s entrance & the phone rang and she called for me to wait a lil’ bit as the boss/editor/general asignor just have to give her an assignment. That part I don’t mind, the one that I mind is that our lunch will be cut short to no more than 1 hour! We always take long lunches you see. Oh well! She’s in the news industry, and news can’t wait.

Well, how was she? Frankly speaking, she looked good! Honestly. She look pretty good, since like ermmm….. forever. She got this radiance, well rested look, fresh, her hair’s are just in place and off course those silly grin of hers that I just so very fond of.

Why? I guess it is the rest and being away from work.

One thing I notice for those in her line of work is that they’re usually “below par”. I mean they looked a bit off, and rather out of sorts. Even when they dress up, they still seem a lil’ “rustic”; a lil’ off. Be it 1 evil protruding hair, or off colour wrist watch or something. They can dress like those red carpet Hollywoody type, all glittering and smile, upon closer inspection it’ll be something or anything that somewhat demote them from the class that they should be.

No, it is not based on Areysha alone. I for one know quite a number of girls from this industry. Trust me on this one. One might looked like a supermodel in another life but stumble upon them while they’re working and your image of this tall slender, long legged girls will be replaced with this… erm… “lesser-known-celebrity-twin” type figure.

Aih!! Occupational Hazard.

Of which I forward to her the idea of quitting her job. Well, at least she’ll looked good, have better chances of meeting a partner since most of those in the industry either married, attached or gay anyway. I mean, it is for the better right? But why oh why did I get a punch to the face?

Women! They want honesty and then they can’t take it.



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