Saturday, February 11, 2006

Of us the 99% peaceful muslim

There's a discussion in a forum about muslim and violence etc and the stereotype that comes with it. Fair enough. But what irks me the most is the accusation that we muslim knows nothing but violence, agression etc. Thus this is my reply for the issue

this is from a non-muslim forumner expressing his views and 1 thing I like about this guy he is good in conveying his points and thoughts.

"The reality is the INACTION of the 97% that is worrying. Why do
they let the 3% hijack the situation and let the whole world perceive that
Islam is associated with violence?"

"Now that I am a man and have travelled almost the world, I come to realise
that the majority of so-called good moderate muslims are NATO = No Action
Talk Only, especially when the minority resorts to violence. Muslims
always blame others for their own failings,...such a long list to write
down. "

------ this then is my reply ---------------

what then you suggest? that the balance 97% beat up the 3% in the name of peace? peace via unpeaceful means. now that's a thought.

The stereotype been there for the longest time. The movies, publication etc ran out of communist/russian to be the bad boy and now they are left with only muslim. so you got muslim this muslim that.

and the action of these stupid demonstrators across the world just cements it further. Even though its only 1% or whatever small percentage, witht he right coverage of media and the proper angle of the camera it'll look awful. and the rest 97%? 99%? were'nt focussed as much cause we didnt do anything spectacular to gain the "focus" of the cameras. After all, all we did are just signing petitions, post in our blogs, create a website and frankly speaking there's no fire and bombs or skimpily clad women to make it interesting. Sure you couldn't expect us to take the streets and clash with the 3% (or 1%) do you?

oh! maybe we should.. cause by then the west would know that there are muslims who are against this burning and looting and doing something about it. But as usual, they also resort to violent means.

Now that's a story, muslims vs muslim and of course it involves pitchforks, rocks, clubs, and of course bombs!

p/s On the protest yesterday friday, i didn't resort to pitchforks, rocks and clubs though to stop them though. I however told my staff, that they should be back when the office opens at 2.30 and not a minute late or they'll face internal inquiry. Of course I couldn't stop them from how they utilise their break now can't I?

Friday, February 10, 2006

oh friends, dads and liverpool

2 days ago this particular furry friend of mine ask me where to get a shotgun license. When I ask why, he said.. "so that when they open the door, the guy who gonna date my daughter will see me oiling my shotgun in the living room"


over controlling freak!!!

and today we had another session...

Furry_pet: if ur son wanted to support MU next time leh?

Shook : tiu!!!

Shook : i cancel astro

Shook : sent him to school in some felda...

Furry_pet: or if ur future dotter in law is a MU fan?

Shook : i won't allow my son to marry her...

Furry_pet: u are a mean father man

Shook : like you're not!

Shook : my blood is red brother. and its red for a reason...

Furry_pet: and someone said i was an over-controlling dad



Thursday, February 09, 2006

of liverpool, a muslim and caricatures

here I am awake since 2.30 this morning blogging live , watching the Liverpool vs Charlton game Live with plenty of thoughts in my mind.

Of course the top of the list is the muslim vs west over the cartoon thingy. Somehow this has progressed to a point that is simply put very very disturbing.

The Jyllands-Posten published it, the muslim world protested and after not much in the way of apology et al and given enough time for the images/story to spread to the everyday people it got ugly.

Time allows for no response, time allows for the protest to gain momentum, time allows the “leaders” to gain support and with the lack of apology and response from the “west” with time this is deemed as more disrespectful and these leaders led the mob (if you can call a mob instigator as leader lah) and you got a good coverage for the press.

Oops we got a corner and we can even score from a setpiece. What’s with the advantage in height and all xx( I take the short Eto’o over crouch anyday man….

Anyway, I’m sure it’ll all go away and die down but the other EU countries’ publishers sans Britain decided to publish it in the name of brotherly pact/support/standing for freedom of expression. This then of course provides more reason for the “leaders” in this islamist nations/movement to take to the streets.

But categorizing them with just movements et al is misleading, this time around its not the usual mob happy/protest junkie type that take to the streets. For this time around the normal people, the uncles, the usually reserved person also took to the streets. Why then? You can go here…

A very big teacup pt I

A very big teacup pt II

A very big teacup pt III

This is from iddy or the world knows her as idlan. This should explains why.

What make me worry though is this


Seriously, making fun of the holocaust is not new, Mel Brooks got his The producer’s production. Even then some still view it as .. wait…

Another setpiece on the 27 minute. Can’t even fark clear the wall! Ugh!

Back… to the Holocaust thing…. Even with The Producers… some still view it as tasteless.

Anyway… what would be interesting is the backlash. So we Muslim takes to the streets and burn down whatever things (can we not do that please? Pollution lah!) and once we (read Iran – not exactly we all lah but the European press and some people just label all of us muslim as one. Irregardless of the nations, sects etc) retaliate and publish these so called funny holocaust cartoon we’ll soon see the there’s no hope for Iran on the nuclear issue whatsoever, and worse economic effect from stopping of trade, slowing of FDIs and other global trade thing and then we’ll see which method is more effective and hurts more? And we’ll definitely know who actually runs the world…

What I know is both will be counterproductive and we certainly can avoid that by not retaliating back (via the lame tasteless holocaust cartoons)

What then will happen? The west won’t stand down.. cause its their right to express themselves. We on the other hand won’t stand down either cause how can we call ourselves somebody with religion if we just stared blankly and do nothing when somebody insult our religion and the most important human figure in Islam.

So… from stupid burning stuff, we publish tasteless holocaust cartoons, then we burn more stuff then we take to the streets

43 mins…. Got chance la… and seriously… cisse needs to learn how to control the ball with his chest. Croush miss again… *sigh

Where were we… oh!… take to the streets again, burn more building, then suggest oil blocks and fuel price goes up, prices of goods went sky high and we the man on the streets suffer.

The west publish in 1 country, then more country, now they say they’ll even publish the tasteless holocaust cartoon and retaliation? Ermm… maybe slowing down of goods,

GOAL!!! For Charlton that is. FARK!

Where we we? Oh!West’s action.. Slowing down of FDIs, imports from these countries etc etc etc… and while the leaders calls for moderation and slowing down and understanding we though can expects more publication from the press about the issue. And who gain from this? The press of course… better circulation marh….

So… things will get ugly….

But what really is more worrying is that the distrust between these 2 world. 1 planet, but 2 different world! All the talk about religious understanding, more comparative religion studies will be pointless. Why? Because there’ll be shifts in perception and its not for the better. Both sides will have negative ideas of each other and when you come to a discussion table with a preconceived view instead of an open mind the outcome won’t be good.

I say… its not the HIVs, the bird flus, the meteor fall from the skies that will be the end of mankind… its us! We and our fark bird brained inability to be respectful, understanding, emphatic and think rationally of what our acts will result in others.

I foresee in 5 years times we’ll resorts to clubs made of stones and loincloths and we’ll club each other to death. East vs west. Central vs southern, Asian vs Africans, ASEAN vs middle east, Malaysian vs Singapore, KL vs PJ, man vs woman…. Just about everybody will club each other to death!

Well…. Maybe not the last man vs woman part lah.. cause we men love women… especially women in loincloth. Which brings me to this point… Make love not war.

Note : we’re down 2-0 now and I’m so pissed!

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