Monday, October 17, 2005


I'm Bored

bored like helll...

and monday really is a drag especially when you have TONNES of work....

and million of excuses not too do them...

and...... its Ramadan..... so have to fast so ....

can't do anything....


I'm so bored!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

PUASA : What to do?

shook: actually
shook: i wanna blog about this...
shook: but didn't
shook: have the time
Hot_Babe: abt wht
shook: puasa
shook: you see
shook: puasa is very boring
shook: you can't eat
shook: can't pick your nose
Hot_Babe: uhuh
Hot_Babe: hahhahaa
Hot_Babe: can
shook: can't dowload porn
shook: can't watch porn
Hot_Babe: but not tahap syokkk
shook: that's why lah.. tak syiok
shook: anyway...
Hot_Babe: uhuh
shook: once you get rid of these activities from my life....
Hot_Babe: uhuh
shook: I'm surprised that I really got nothing to do
shook: it shows how much crap do I spent on each day eh?
shook: ekekekeke
shook: anyway...
shook: devoid of all the things mentioned
Hot_Babe: uhuh
shook: I got load of free time rifght?
shook: so..
shook: what do I do?
Hot_Babe: rite
Hot_Babe: what?
shook: I got horny..
shook: that's what!
Hot_Babe: hahahhah
shook: but I can't download porn
shook: can't watch porn
shook: let alone do something about the hornyness!
shook: see!
shook: that's a cycle of depression all over ok....
Hot_Babe: how can u get horny..?
shook: how can?
shook: dah tu nak buat apa pun tak boleh
shook: makan tak leh
shook: korek hidung tak leh
Hot_Babe: ya porn..
shook: tgk porn tak leh
Hot_Babe: no nothing
shook: i don't like to sleep
shook: then?
shook: sit alone
shook: horny lah!
shook: ahahahhahahahah
Hot_Babe: there are such thing as "wwwork"
shook: oh!
Hot_Babe: hah!
shook: I almost forgot that one
Hot_Babe: u forgot??!!
shook: heh!..............

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