Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Basket lah!

Iran kalah 3-1 but ok la... at least got fight marh.

But Japan. KNNCCB..... Siao ah. In front of goal also want to pass pass meh? Tiuniasing... Shoot la wey.

really like dunno how to play bola one. Play play play like that then last 15 minutes like don't want to play oni. Tempura udon lah! everything oso Nippon people got Die! Die! must do what? work like mad, drink like mad, karaoke like mad, ganbate like mad... Play football? got like mad or not? TIU!!! like pooosie only lah lanciao!

my grandmader oso can play better you know? basket lah!


Now hope the Kimchis can play good good. If not I malu liao to admit myself as an asian. Siao ah!


*pardon the profanities but my Ah Beng side just got too

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Spare tyre I need one

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So after spending the better part of the day and gazillions times clicking on the " Tandatangan dan Hantar" and keep getting some error message containing "html can't process" crap I gave up and headed to the LHDN branch. I'm telling you there's no stupider e-filing when majority of those who wanted to e-file like me have to go to the LHDN's office to e-file it from there. Goodness like that might as well call it c-file karh, z-file kar, ass-file karh.. whatever shaite file lah as long as the letter "e for electronic" is not there. Cause it sure aint electronic when you still have to lift your royal ass and heads down to the LHDN office innit?

anyways, after trying for like 6 hours, at 4.00pm I finally gave up and heads to the LHDN office. So get on my bike and vroooommmm..... While taking a corner I sense something was amiss as the balance of the bike was totally off and manouvering the bike is almost impossible. And the thing I dreaded most materialised. I got a punctured tyre. Went to a bike shop, they can't do it, so they direct me to another one down the street. They fill up the tyre to the max and vrooooommmm I'm off to the other shop and almost reach it before the tyre totally gave up on me. UGHH!!!

Pushing such heavy bikes with flat tyres is no joke and a flat tyre is every bikers (especially big ones) worst nightmare. So, because of this tyre-went-flat-poked-by-Nine-inch-nails thingy i miss the 5.00pm closure of the branch (actually still open but there's a few hundred people waiting to e-file the thing), I look ultra ridiculous with leather jackets pushing the bike (so I keep on wearing fullface helmet so as don't have to control handsome while pushing :P) and....... strangely enough I'm imagining Erra helping Awie pushing his bike. AHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!

So there, all in all not too bad lah its been years since I last got a flat tyre on my bike and it could be in a far worse situation! So. Not too bad lah... other than the fact I got to assist the rather inexperienced mecha. bluerghhhh!!

note 1 : lhdn : the people at the counter estimated they would finish processing the e-filer at around 9

note 2 : I finally e-filed my tax forms at 4.30 just now after few hours of trying yet again

note 3 : IF they gonna sue me for filing 4 hrs and 30 minutes late I'm sooo gonna torch down their building, smash the directors car and fires some Hellfires missiles to those people who benefitted from the e-filing contracts!! and that's just for starters.

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