Saturday, March 08, 2008

Election Dilemma

For those who dunno how to go about at the election centre, it was pretty simple really.

First you check ur name and status at the Voters details/confirmation desk. They'll give u your Saluran no/Line no and your Serial no.

Then you accordingly go to the line allocated to you, wait for your turn.

Once you got into the room there will be 3 person there. The first person will ask for your IC and your serial no (if you got them lah). Then s/he will call out your name to be confirmed by the observer.

The 2nd person will then give you the 2 slips, 1 for parliament seat and the other for the State seat.

The 3rd person then will inspect the slips to make sure that the slips are clean from any marks of any kind and once he was satisfied he will mark the slip by punching the no of your line/saluran.

You then bring the 2 slips to the booth and cross the candidate that you want lah. No photos of the candidates though just some logo of the party that they represent.

Then you deposit the slips accordingly to their respective transparent boxes. One each for parliament and state seat.

Voila! Simple lah.

Just 2 issue really.

1. Why on earth we still use 2B pencil? I know la the case of them cancelling the usage of indellible ink but why can't a simple ball pen or gel pen be used? a bit more permanent right?

2. I aspire to be an astronaut! But at my consituency don't have rocket lah. How la to become astronaught like this? Die ler....

Should I go for the libra sign? become a moon man? or just cross that Oakley logo?

fuck lah! darn difficult lah like this. Libra sign so old skool one, where got people use that kind of scale anymore? All use digital scale lah.

That moon thing... aiyoh! How to go to moon if don't have rocket? Somemore, u sure Louis Armstrong land on the moon meh?

As for Oakley? TIU LEYR!! Didn't know that shades company can sponsor political party wan. Niasing. I won't vote for them unless they gave me a Radar shade with them photochromic glasses.

How lah? How Lah? HOW LAH!!!!?????

Fuck it!



Mari lah Mari, kita mengundi!


4th person in my line/"saluran". Was waiting in front of the gate at 7.45 man. Out by 8.10

Hamsta said I'm Kiasu, to me I was just being darn "bersemangat"! or in other words Kiasu lah. ekekekkeke....

Took the photo while waiting for my turn and immediately the guy behind me told his friends to take his picture while he is in that room. He then sheepishly explains to me that it's his first time mengundi. Ahahaha! that's the spirit!

Nothing out of the ordinary as per the usual election thing. The posters, the smiling nice chap from each side giving u some drinks or just plain salam for some last minute campaigning. The free vans or cars ferrying voters as service etc... All the usual thing, that small little touch to win your votes.

Seriously, at these times even if you go to their tent and said "pakcik tak makan pagi lagi lah. Lapar ni." I can assure you that out of thin air there will be some nasi lemak and air mineral for you to savour. Don't believe me? go and try it.


I though notice several changes lah.

There are terminals/pcs with access to the internet on these politcal parties tents to help their members or other plain voters to check their status and which saluran/line they're in. Save people time, less waiting, the happier the voters will be. So that hopefully will swing the votes to your side.

Lots of people printed their status and election details from the SPR website making the Desk for confirmation and checking of status somewhat redundant except for some older generations. Most voters just went straight to their respective lines, like I did and save us whole load of time. One of the SPR kakak even made a remark "Ni yang print print dari internet ni semua orang muda ni." and she looked very pleased. Ya lah, made her job a hell lot easier right???

But then suddenly got this kakak with some error on her "no Siri"/serial no. Poor SPR kakak now have to work and go to the front counter and check the actual serial no and the line no. Heh! So can't really relax lah. ekekekkee...

Another thing I notice is that the independent observer inside the room is a bit more serious this time. When the lady (the one in pink tudung) read out the name/ic/reference no they were really particular. Well, maybe it was still early in the morning and like me they're in their kiasu mood. ekekekek

All in all quite ok lah. Smooth no hassle kinda thing. But the sky is overcast and its gonna rain soon. Expect to see loads of people offering to payung you then. I tell you, their service will be even better than those hotel bellboys! ekekekek


Friday, March 07, 2008

Elections & Mountainbikes

Last weekend I went cycling at FRIM.
Due to the heavy rain the past few days and some irrigation work up the hill, the trek uphill was pretty tough. Mud all over the place, tyres struggling to find grip and on some downhill section you might find some of the mud in your face, or worst your mouth (me lah since not fit and always have to open mouth for that additional air intake)

As usual for MTBers at FRIM, the clearing at the top of the hill with a huge water pipe is where everybody takes a breather before deciding whether to attack the "steroid hill" or take another path downhill towards Sungai Buloh (and the subsequent climb back up of course).

I was alone that day as most of my kakis got some other commitment or the shout out was just a bit too last minute (11.30 the night before actually). So as I arrived there, there was 2 fella talking and I just joined in the chat lah. They we're talking about erecting some flags and hanging some banners and posters. I then relate to them how during my student days I made some pocket money from pasting posters and erecting some flags too.

One of the guy then told me he did it for free, as PAS (the opposition) don't have the money plus also they're from the same neighbourhood and use the same mosque. Much unlike the Ruling Coalition that pay people to do these jobs. So I got a friendly "lecture" related to the elections lah, Islamic state lah, role of mosque lah etc etc you know the whole pas/islamic talk kinda thing.

Then he said to me "Nanti masa undi nanti nak undi apa?".
Which I replied "Oh! Saya teringin nak jadi angkasawan bang. Since tak dapat, saya ingat nak undi Rocket lah!"

He paused for a moment, look at me 1 kind and then said
"ROCCCKEETTT pun takpeee!!!"


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