Friday, March 24, 2006

yeay! sports!

Yesterday was my first proper sports activity in over a year and my first futsal in over 2 years. A proper run, kicks and a real proper sweat from sporting activity. Damn!

And this morning I feel good, fresh, and there’s an extra spring in my step.

Heck! I even feels sexy!

AHAHHAHAHA!!! Ok.. ok. I lied on the last part ehehehhee

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the problem with my property

actually on top of the freakin related problem I got 1 really major one right now. Since I'm a lazy bugger so I just paste here lah.


hi guys, partner bought a house in 2001. Its a single storey corner lot at Lestari Puchong, nearby the Pasar Selangor developed by Europlus/Talam

It was ready on time etc. We didn't move in as we were mislead of its
location and the main connecting road is not ready thus making it too far to our working place and not very practical for us.

Even then I would go and check on the house at least once in every 2 months.

So recently somebody wants to rent the unit from us since its somewhat near to putrajaya and bangi side.

So I went and install the grille and I found that there's a hole on the
ground going near my porch. Called my contractor friend to sort it out. and He came yesterday and check and to my horror, almost all of the soil
beneath house has sunk.

He said this happens because the contractor/developer didn't compact the soil properly during its construction. And for me to rectify it (via
filling the underground with concrete) it'll be very very costly.

here's the thing, the warranty period of 18 months has expired and I
actually asked the maintenance office to sort it out (this was before I
found out it actually is larger than I thought) and they say the period is
over and they won't sort it out.

and selling is not a very good idea. Due to location and the general mess
the developer got the area into it will be below the price that we bought
it. However, I wil not rule this out but not before rectifying the issue.

So what do I do?

p/s I won't sell or rent out the place without sorting this one out or the
buyer knows of the true condition.


So there! freakin big mess!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ever went through a cycle where you're really really exhausted? And you
just keep doing these little little things to keep your spirits up. To get
you by till the next day or week while waiting for the holiday you badly

I guess I ran out of those little little things

Friday, March 03, 2006

Ultraviolet! the movie

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I really can't wait for the movie..

1. because of the premise and the highly sylish action
2. milla jovovich of course (from the days of blue lagoon she really have come/gone a loonggg way eh?)
3. the title track is frommmmm.... CRANBERRIES!!! at least i think lah... if not the group then its just Dolores, which is not bad either. Just listen to the final part of the trailer... cool huh?

go check it out

here's the trailer

which you really got to see cause nothing explains better than those beautiful movements and camerawork.... awesome! kinetic action watchamacallit....

check it out!

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

of fuel price increase and demos at the KLCC pt II

continuation from part I

So you disagree eh?

Just because you want to save a few tens of RM per week you rather have the
govt went bust and bankrupt? and expose the country to much higher risk?

the main point is the money saved will be able to balance the deficit. and
that should be the main thrust. If we keep on having ever burdgeoning
deficits we are inviting disaster.

This is the problem with Malaysians .. lambast people of subsidy mentality, lambast people not being adaptable to changes, lambast people for being too backward and don't want to understand world changes....

and look, we have subsidy mentality... look we are not adaptable, and look we as a people do not want to understand the mechanism behind why this is happening.

that's why the govt should just open the economy, let it be flooded by global goods, let it weed out the incompetitive (that's economics term for tutep kedai) let thousands loose their jobs, and then we will fully understand the globaslisation issue. Maybe then we will read more and understand more and want more control and not just shouts what NGOs were shouting, what the MNCs lobby group mantras, international funds talk of no barriers to entry and exits.......

by then only we will fully understands...... heck! I'd pay the 30cents extra if I can be safe in my cocoon.

Ignorance is bliss!

of fuel price increase and demos at the KLCC

So tomorrow there will be a mass demo over the fuel hike lah. Arrange as usual by PAS, NGOs et al.

now here's the thing...

just about every excuse they got they'll protest lah. political mileage marh..... But if they're in power would they do that? of course I'll bet you my arms they would.

And here are some of the people who said "look at the middle east, they're so comfortable with their oil money they become like that. Have no desire to improved on their lives and be more efficient."

and yet, protest any price hike?

and this is the same people say "Malaysia is too protective of their national products. If open the economy, be more globalised we'll sure will benefit from cheaper goods!"

and yet, when this same monster called globalisation, the world with no boundaries and all have this effect on oil price they call on the government to keep it low, what happened to the outside world should not affect us. We are country with oil marh!

Seriously mate, you expect the price to remain as it is? Tiu! say want globalisation etc etc etc... when it comes to oil price don't want to be affected by the world market.

macam mana kawan??? only want the good thing is it?

p/s talk about the petronas what fark later lah. you don't see BP subsidising the whole of great britain innit?

p/s if we do not come and face the reality of these high oil price we'll never fine tune our lives and process and be as competitive globally. etc etc etc... malas lah

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


So you don't know were you're going, and you wanna talk
And you feel like you're going where you've been before
You tell anyone who'll listen but you feel ignored
Nothing's really making any sense at all

Let's talk

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