Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I have various routes when it comes to my early morning cycle session. The session is not long, roughly 30 minutes or 40 minutes max. To maximise the time available I'll try and push myself as much as I can.

As such, at the end of the various route it will typically have a downhill descend, then uphill climb followed by a some downhill descend to a flat land. Through this sprint, climb and sprint again thingy I'll go max out lah. Especially the last downhill sprint. Just love the wind on your face as you go flat out.

This morning as I was sprinting down the last bit I suddenly saw this


Torkojut Oden!

and I almost got thrown out of the bicycle trying to avoid the fella. Tak nak aku redah menatang ni, nanti free free aje kena patuk.

But..... I think I ermmm.... might have ermmm... "lenyek" the fella a bit. Fucking afraid man! Suddenly all those stories about how some snake that have this "penunggu" that will come after those who killed them cross me mind.

Niasing! Mati la aku. Tsk tsk.

Then, I dunno how I made a u-turn to check out on the snake. Well, at least kalau nak kena kacau might as well make sure you kill the fella properly. Betul tak?

Sekali, it looks like the snake dah mampus lama dah.

hmmmmm.... cheh! buat suspense only.

So, darn lega man I didn't kill the darn thing. Ok la, I might have ermm... make the spirit cringe a bit lah when I cycle through it. But I didn't kill it ok?

So, kawan-kawan I can safely say I haven't joint Hamsta the SnakeBane club yet. (this guy wallop a cobra with broom stick one).


OH! also I notice that there's no real mark of me bike's tyre on the snake. So takdelah berat sangat!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

cycling in the rain

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So much for cycling with music lah! my headphone and ipod not really waterproof. aiyoyoooo.....

but its kinda fun to cycle in the rain like this morning. Makes you feel alive. But then again, with the poor visibility and all, things might be different if I got hit by some truck now innit? Ehehehhehe..

Oh! Well, at least it's fun to mandi hujan like this once in a while.

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