Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I was bitching to my friend/sis/long-time-nemesis about the rising fuel prices and the bad results reported by the public listed companies, rising prices and how it affects me and my staffs etc etc.

So there was I bitching about it and then she wrote this :


friend/sis/long-time-nemesis : quit. become a student. live in denial

shookme: :O

shookme: and be like you?

friend/sis/long-time-nemesis : yup

shookme: :P

friend/sis/long-time-nemesis : aku in denial. but very zen


First, out of nowhere she ask me to become a student, then denial and zen together? How?… how? Ekekekke… now you know why I love her so much eh?

She’s a real classic lah. ekekekkee


tomorrow we will be celebrating our Independence day. Hari Merdeka in Malay.

so.. its been like how many years eh? from 1957 to 2005? hmmm..... 48 yrs?


Selamat hari Merdeka everyone

Monday, August 29, 2005

The thing about Proton & VW venture

Referring to this article where Dr Mahathir return Proton & VWs cars a friend of mine wrote this :

"on a more serious note, why did they give him a VW? a perdana not good
enought ah? kay en en.. use foreign cars but want us to use local.."

and this is my reply

that's what most people don't understand. Those VWs was sent by VW to Mahathir for a long term test to prove their goods and credential. And It is also previously agreed that there is NO NEED for SIGNIFICANT share sales to VW (or even a single shareholding) for a VW proton venture. Its a great opportunity that has been brokered by Mahathir.

Just about everybody wants proton, they have cash, R&D knowledge and more importantly one of the most advance & flexible factory in the world. All ready to be "exploited".

We don't need to sell proton, period but obviously the BOD "thought" of something else and decides to give more sweetener to the VWs. Dunno why but maybe they want to excercise their ESOS at a higher price lah?

anyway, you see the kind of "press campaign" that's been carried out by these people (those involved in VWs and proton sales)? Suddenly we read a lot of VWs achievement when there are none before and they KEEP HARPING on VWs SUCCESS with skoda.

What they fail to mention is VWs failure (or deemed lack of direction) with SEAT. What happened to this brand? their prototype is the same year in year out? no proper "differentiation" and direction. Then Add proton in this stable? gosh!! where do they want position Proton?

*I got lot more longer reply but Time is something that I don't have
** It kinda hurt when I wrote the above cause I drive Audi and admire VWs product but one should not let that cloud one's judgement

Monday, August 15, 2005


Its Monday morning, caught in the infamous Jalan Tun Razak traffic jam and to while away the time I listened to the Ipod and then…..

Trooot trroooottttttttttt

Trroooot ttrrroooooooootttttttt

*fumbles with the headset

me : humpf!

P : hallo?


Me : HELLO!?

P : Oi! Can’t hear you lah!

Me : arh!!?? Kejap! Kejap

*fumbles with the volume control while cursing silenty as the stupid car that finally managed to cut queue in front of me

Me : Ah!

P : what was that?

Me : What’s what?

P : Christina Aguilera ek?

Me : humpf

P : ekekekekeke… Genie in a bottle some more. Ekekekeke… I know laaaa Liverpool draw but can’t be that bad la right?

Me : Stupid lah!

P : ekekekekeke…. Let me guess this morning you start with “You’ll never walk alone” Song right?

me : humph….

P : ekekekeke… at least you still haven’t play Roxxette yet! AHAHAHAHA

Me : Grrrrrrrrrrr……. Stupid lah! That Gerrard with 100,000 quid a week also don’t know how to shoot properly.

P : Kekekekekkee…. MU win laa oit!

Me : Ellleh!!!! Against Everton team sekolah menengah Felda Bukit Mendi can also win

P : ekekekke!! But we scored 3 wey!!

Me : as I said the stupid Everton, team sekolah oso can win….

P : ekekkekee…. That’s without ronaldo and giggs you know?

Me : fark lah! That ronaldo even If he play he’ll be slumped on the ground lah! Kena whacked by Cahill and Neville!

P : eleh!!! At least we win!! 2 goals ok? And you guys? Gerrard got 3 clear ones right?

Me : Fark lah!! 100,000 quid that’s the same amount I make in 20 years and he still can’t score!

P : ekekekeke…. That’s why lah. That sissoko is not bad eh! Good play lah!! But why ah? You can’t score?

Me : That stupid gerrard lah!

P : ekekeke… that’s why lah! Told you guys to sell him to Chelsea you don’t want. See! Now got draw only… and we win man!!! Ekekekek…..

Me : as I said, against everton Stupid Sekolah Bintang Montessori also can win lah!

P : eleh!!! At least we win!! 2 goals out of 4-5 chances ok? And you guys… ermm… out of 5-6? And how many you got? Zero? ekekekkeke

Me : Fark lah!! Why you call?

P : nothing lah!! Just want to make sure you play Roxxette’s It must have been love after this only… kekekeke






*the rest of the conversation is very explicit as it involves the various interpretation of the sexual organs, the monkeys, cows, dung and various other items not suitable for public consumption

So my friends, it has started, so pardon my mood swings in these few months

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