Friday, June 29, 2007

Hantam itu ultraman!

After being outmanouvered and sensing defeat, Ultraman did the unthinkable and cop a feel. :P

following on my post about maxis being taken private (which I'm supposed to elaborate further but I didn't) right after it was suspended from trading/taken private it was announced that Saudi telco ("STC") is buying into Maxis with 25% stake at a price that's roughly 5% higher than being offered to take it private.


Told you lots that there are more to this than meets the eye (like transformers lah)

Some say that AK wants to enjoy that 5% premium paid by Saudi Telco alone and that's why he wants to take it private.

I though think that he benefits more by taking it private at such a high price by forcing any would be buyer of maxis to pay higher than the VGO or take private price of RM15.60. The average cost of his entire maxis stake (old ones at IPO and new ones bought from the market roughly 45%) is still way lower than the RM15.60 paid. Thus any sales at or about that price will be pure profit.

Sound thinking eh?

Well, it is all the sweeter as STC with its considerable pile of money will jointly invest in maxis overseas operations.

cool eh?

told you not to agree with the VGO.




I bought meself the Optimus Prime Mask/Helmet from ToysR'us yesterday. While the finishing not that great there's one thing really going for it; The Voice Changer Ability. Basically, when you put it on and press a button, your voice will turn into the great Autobot leader.

Serious! No kidding! It worked!!

So this morning I was a bit busy calling my friends with the the Optimus Prime voice.


p/s to those who saw Optimus Prime driving a silver Audi this morning please don't be alarmed. I'm sure you notice that optimus prime was doing the peace sign and just in case you're not sure it means "We come in PEACE!"

p/p/s driving with a helmet on is not recommended. But that's the only way I can use the voice changer lah wey!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Scary looking ride

Few days ago I went to the sunway "motorsports" area to dyno my ride. After done the dyno I went lah round round the area. Suddenly I saw this


this thing looks like its on steroid!

Really beefy lookin and ................ dunno.

Audi's design has always been understated and elegant. Even the "bad boy" RS4 still retained the elegant look despite its racerboy details. However, this one really went overboard lah.

I reckon they overdid the shoulder/widebody. The messy holes/airduct on top of the arches and lines really made this car looks messy.

I think this is still a work in progress. I really really really it'll turn out ok when its actually finished.

aiyoyoyooyoo... reallly kennot tahan lah.

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