Friday, June 24, 2005


me gonna post non-sense again.

methinks me gonna go to the bank next door and try me luck at cashing out me cheque. See, me got this cheque for me work that me did 5 months ago and it didn't amount to much but methinks since me birth day falls tomorrow me might as well try it and get meself some dosh for something.

methinks if its successful me gonna go and fix me car out of that annoying rattling due to the silly gearbox or engine mounting thing and me can then whack me car throught the bendies and swirlies and straighties to let of some steamies. But wait! methink its best if me get some painkillers before me work me ankle on the fuel pedal too much. Yes! Yes! me got into some unfortunate accident last week where me ankle turn to the left some 45degree and with it me knee too. Did me tell that me toes got smashed too? tehehehehe.... painful as hell me tell ye' but worry not me car or me bike gonna get some decent workout this weekend.


Then me wanna go and get meself a new leathery jackety thingy but what me really wanna do is to get meself to Sepang tomorrow and watch those super sweet cars at the Japan GT. But lookie lookie there's an All Blacks vs British & Irish Lions live on telly at 3.

Jolly me! me wanna do soo many things see but first me got to cash those cheque and make me wallet bit happy.

toodle dooo dummmm....


Anonymous N said...

Happy Birthday yeww!

Hope another year added to your life brings more joy and happiness, more wealth, more wisdom, more love and more of all the good things that life can offer.

Have a wonderful birthday!

Ermm.. More Michelin too?

7:49 AM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

OIT!!! me wanna be less michelin lah! :P

thanks N! and thanks in advance for bringing me to those superdelicious soups! :D

11:47 AM  
Blogger truth said...

Though it is late, happy belated birthday to u .

11:01 AM  

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