Friday, June 24, 2005

Cancer and I

The dreaded disease and it seemed like there’s no cure for it. Yes and no. Years ago I was involved with some project intended for cancer research/benefit and we got the clear message from the doctor that we interviewed “the sooner you identify and treat it the higher would be your chance of survival”. The way the dear doctor at the KL General Hospital explains it makes it not too scary, not scary at all. Until a few years later when a friend suffered from one.

She’s my age and we were 19 back then when we found out she suffered from cancer. She got all the treatment and true enough she suffered but eventually came through fine. Well, for the first time. A year later she came back and continued her study, picking up where she left while most of us (including her then boyfriend) then proceeded to further our study overseas.

During summer before our final semester we got news that her cancer returned and spreading faster than before. By the time we were preparing for our final semester her condition just got worst and the boyfriend decided to pack things up and head home to be with her during our final exam study break. A month later we got back to home and not long after that we got news she didn’t make it and breathe her last breath at a very young age 21.

The thing that I will remember during this entire episode won’t be her sweet smile, her beautiful face nor her rat assed bf who still failed the exams even after I gave him all the question & answers (Yes I did! I help somebody Cheat. But it don't count cause the bloke still fail the bloody thing. And Yes! It is doable due to the 5 hours time difference and we’re doing postgrad back then, thus open book is the norm and Nicky you owe me big time :P). The thing that I will remember most is her courage in all this. During all this difficult period, between treatment, being very sick and barely have the energy to go through she was determined to get her degree and she made it just months before she’s gone. That I guess a true mark of a person, not the physical aspect that will detoriates with the passage of time but their will, their ideals and the things that they do. For that is something that I will remember forever.

Recently, there’s another dear friend who also suffered from this cancer thing. Her reaction is baffling where she just refused to go through the treatment even thought she got her children which in my opinion should strengthen her resolve to fight it. Even after much coaxing she just refused and after much talk I finally figure out it is not a matter of being afraid but more of giving up too early out of distrust and believing that it won’t work just like it didn’t for her sister.

Finally early of the year she finally made her move, she change her “work”, moved back with her parents, change her no and made all the necessary preparations for her children and underwent the treatment. Its like making your final preparation and the way she approach it is very bleak but at least she doing something. Since then we hardly contact each other and it kills me not knowing her progress in this trying times.

To my friend whom I know visits this blog from time to time, I wish you all the best in the world and just keep on going no matter what. Oh yah!! sure wish you mail me more often though

An then there is also
the issue of it being my sign. Hah! :P

Somehow those that I’m really close with also share the same sign (or close). Areysha’s birthday is sometime next month, my sis Iddy (can't call her lil' sis anymore cause now she's biiiiggg) just celebrated her’s 2 days ago, while 2 of my sisters are also under the same sign. And NOT to forget, Lil’ D will be 1 year on the 8 of next month. Yippeee!!!

Frankly speaking to me all these cancer, Taurus and what have yous signs are crap but I guess those that celebrate it at or around my birthday makes it kinda important. So I guess here’s a shout out to all of you people for happy birthday in advance (and belated) and may you lot enjoy the best in years to come.

To all the Cancerians and Cancerous may you live and prosper in all that you do in life.


Blogger babe_kl said...

Happie Burpday SyukSyuk!

2:37 PM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...


its tomorrow! but I'm on "leave" today ehehehehehe.....

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

have not been passing thru here 4 quite sometime.2day is 26/7/05.n my dear friend id like u 2 know giving it my best trying 2 survive....c`estLa

have not been here 4 quite sometime.t2day is 26/7/o5.n my dear friend id like u 2 know that im giving it my best going 2 survive this ordeal.i will survive....c`estLavie.

12:15 AM  

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