Friday, June 24, 2005

me bored

me bored and browsing through friends blog and found out that my dear cyrene actually have a blog and there's a link to my blog in it.. anddddddddddd I know nothing about it. I've beg beg and beg for her to give me her blog url but noooooooo..... she just buat dunno'... ask several times again and she said... "me blog not interesting lah".... aiyoh!! who the fark care about it being interesting or not its about you, my friend, and I want to bloody see it.

and when the boys and I have our lunch at KLCC she went balistic and merajuk cause me didn't invite her.

hmmmmmmmm...... actually those two paragraph have no seeable relations whatsoever... but .. ermmm... hmmmm.... i dunno but methinks the next time I see this dear Cyrene of mine I'll jentik her forehead a bit.

thanks babe for the link. Now lets see if I can hunt down Ms 16 forever blog....

*put rambo gear and went hunting


Blogger Cyrene said...

OMIGOSH... don't lar Jentik my forehead!!

9:36 AM  

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