Monday, June 27, 2005

HAH! part 2

The All Blacks won the game against British & Irish Lions. 21-3. What is expected to be a real fight turn out to be a lame one. The Lions were lucky it rained otherwise with surer handling the Blacks will trounced them big time.

Seriously, for a team that pool the best resources from 4 top rugby country ie Reigning World Champ England, Reigning 6 Nations Champ Wales, Ireland and Scotland (the best in Northen hemisphere rugby) and a world cup winning coach they suck!

Big time!

read here about the game and here about how the local press "savaged" Sir Clive.

and also, I just found out that certain somebody only wish me to be her brother. WAHHHH!!!!! Keciwa nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :'(




Anonymous N said...

u got no better title to think of other than HAH! izzit? wat is wrong with yeww??? *knock shookme's head*

8:07 PM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

oit!! at least its a bloody title ok? not some title like "OH! Aku rindukan kekasih ku"

duh!! so lame!

10:03 AM  

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