Saturday, June 25, 2005

hmmmmm..... what do I do.

hmmm..... believe it or not I actually manage to cash the cheque and me now some Ringgits richer! YAY!!

to start of me birthday thing, me went with my mates up to Genting Highland via the old route. yeah yeah.. longer and not as fast buuutttt.... the roads more winding and more fun! and that we did!! there were 8 cars 6 audis (3 B6 turbos, 1B5 turbo, 2 B5 na (me car), 1 volkswagen passat turbo and somehow a red MX-5 also joined in. Another Volks arrived some 30 minutes later.

me swallow some painkillers, bandaged the darn ankle and woohoooo!!!!!

It was fun, really is. But climbing the highlands with those twisty bends and grouped together with some turbos is not that fun. Especially when you got some wanker like DT with his souped up turbo hot on my tail. That joker pushed me alll the way up and finally overtake me from the outside with screeching tyres and heavy breaking. Darn! and zooom he went and I then got temporarily caught behind a wira and once I manage to free myself those 4 cars are slowly distancing themselves (there's a 1.8na in the pack but that one don't count :P ). Manage to push the Turbo Volks Passat as well but darn it for all the fun we poke at the fella the power and torque from that luggard are just too much! So me left with playing with a 2.2 camry ugh!!

Reach up there and hooked up with the already waiting Foo and we hangout at Starbucks. But believe it or not we're just bunch o' malaysians (even if 1 of us is a Russian) so we end up heading to Gohtong Jaya to a mamak there. eheheheheh.... Asian tummy! :P

I went back earlier and just stop by Gohtong Jaya just for a while before heading back to KL. Just enjoying the cool breeze fresh air and the drive. Wonderful.

Just a note though, the Karak highway towards KL are full of construction and this being at night and those twisty and dark highway it is quite dangerous. So becareful to those who ply the route.

Well, the night literally starts with a bang with burning rubber and all but I guess what I really want to do is to relax and be with the family. I haven't had a proper weekend or day off for that matter in months. While the last 1 months been crazy.

So today, me gonna ditch the Japan GT at Sepang and will hangout and watch the All Blacks vs British & Irish Lions instead. At the comfort of my home and with people that I love. Nothing can beat that.

Yes! I'll do that.

p/s just got an sms from M, she was sent to some West Asia country for the last 7 months and it is indeed a really pleasant surprise.


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