Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Anniversary aplenty!

wahhh!!! the stupid streamyx and its connection error left me out of the loop for quite some time. Plus the stupidy of one of my client's staff made me a very very busy man.

So here's to all you lot that's celebrates their anniversary in the past few days

Mr & Mrs Teng - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! *solly don't know what year

Cyrene & Matt - Happy FIRST anniversary... and remember things will go downhill from this point onwards so be more creative in your creation activities! :P

Babe & Hook - Happy 7th anniversary and may the 7 yr itch didn't appear. If it did.. you know where to look for the forms ;)

ahahhha... ok lah.... jokes aside may ALL of you have a super long lasting, wonderful and fruitful and most importantly darn happy and peaceful years to come!

oh ya!! may you have litters and litters of puppies to boot! :D

ahhhhh.... these anniversary make me feel all warm and happy....

ok! now have to go back to evil mood! somebody sooo gonna get screwed after this



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