Friday, July 01, 2005

Brain itch! Best of you

have you ever had those brain itch? where...



brain itch lah?

ya lah!!! itchy!! itchy marh!!

aiyoh!!! itchy!!! like itchy kena* grass!


aiyoh!!! itchy lah Mah Lau!** itchy you scratch scratch one....

also dunno? mahh haiii.... Itchy LAH! Like itchy want to get laid one....

ah!! that one understand.. darn itchy hamsap lou lah you.
ok! understand right? now its a brain itch...


aiyoh!!! of course lah the bloody brain can't get laid!

what? ya lah!!! I said itchy like want to get laid... not get laid lah!

what? aiyoh!!! ok! ok!! brain itch is like when your brain get to see porn!

ok? aiyoh!!! ya ya... nah!! take this dvd and go play far far...

what? tiu ley... got multiple angle one lah!

ya! ya!! 1 scene got several angle lah!

tns... ANGLE LAH!!! NOT KURT ANGLE that wrestling fella lah!!



ok! bai bai!


ahem!! sorry for the distraction..

brain itch... actually its one of those music or song or sounds that keep repeating themselves in your brain. Yeap! much like the paddle pop music from those trishaw vendor. Yeah!! nowadays its mat cool!

or even the words "I see dead people" from sixth sense...

well... I got this brain itch ever since I saw Foo fighter's Best of you music video and its just keep on repeating in me head man.

and then this "speed of sound" from coldplay.. aiyoh!!

so been frantically trying to find some good deal on any of these CDs.... and thanks to one very kind soul I finally got hold of "best of me" song!


and do you know that Norah Jones actually appear in that foo fighter's album? cool!

now me speakers been working overtime and me gonna update me ipod and WOOOHOOOO!!!!!


aiyoh!!! press that bloody "next" button lah!

ya lah!!!

oit!!! porn also start with people wear clothes one lah!


*kena is malay for hit or touch
**mah lau = monkey


Blogger Chen said...

pening... :D Now I really have to scratch my head.. (btw, my brain is not itchy lah... kekekke...)

7:53 PM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

why pening lah? kennot understand is itt???

1:51 AM  
Blogger Cyrene said...

Lay off the weed shook!

3:28 PM  
Blogger truth said...

hehehhe......brain itchy. never heard before.

1:17 PM  

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