Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Busy busy busy busy

hmmmmmm.......... how interesting the term busy can vary from one person to another.

To a govt servant, busy means skipping their all important afternoon tea at 3.30, while for a front desk lady in a private sector would mean delaying the nature's call from 9.00 am till lunch at 1.00 pm. Provided they have a very strong and hugeeeee bladder of course. But those in the industry would tell you that increase in bladder size are just some of the benefit of being in a busy customer service department. Other than the obvious 90% probability of getting married in the next 3 yrs of course.


don't you know?


Here's a brief lesson on probability.

Ready? Ok now, pls bear in mind that those at the front desk are usually highly presentable types and with such prominent location that they're at (front desk. nuff said.) there bound to be at least 5-10 "inquiries" from the male species (and sometimes female too) that will hit on them. Imagine that, minimum of 1800 hits a year and don't tell me with such a high hit rate you won't snag at least 1.

oh! and I mentioned 90% probability of getting hitched in 3 yrs right? Well, the remainder of 10% are mostly either the undecided (from the 20 odds boyfriends that proposed to them) or the taken cared of (by some some rich saggy old men or some closet faggot that needs to maintain a social face")

heh! so for you ladies (or men) that worried not getting married. Go and get a job at the front desk! And if you are a man and working at the front desk...... ermmmm.... ermmmm..... what the hell you're doing there in the first place?


anyway, I digressed wayyyyyyyy too much.

back to topic.

Busy for you might be no time to take the mandatory 15 minutes of sleep after the heavy briyani lunch. Maybe, you leave the office late at 5.01 instead of the normal 4.59 (you tweak the bloody clock that's why its early!), or even you come to work early at 7.59 instead of the usual 8.01 (you long established to the management using the atomic clock in NY, bloomberg NYSE open bell etc that the office clock is early 1 minute thus you can get away with it).

However, to me busy means busy.

I don't say I'm really really really busy. I just say it in different tone. When I say "busy" in a light laughing tone it means I'm busy but still can take a pee, chat on the phone as multitasking is a possibility. While If I say busy with a bit of seriousness to it, it means I'm busy and I have to come back later tonight to finish up work. And If I said I'm "busy" Flat. It means don't mess with me man!

Sadly this doesnt translate well in smses. So I just put there "busy" means level 2 or 3 and don't talk to me too long. But some people just don't understand. Keep on talking round and round and round and round and keep on visiting the some topics again from various angle. Darn it! Can't they sense from my tone of voice that I'm busy?

Yeah! your voice is wonderful but I prefer the typing of keyboard sound rather than your drooning beautiful voice explaining the theorem of black matter to me.

And some people love their voice so much that they conveniently jumps to another topic out of nothing! Out of nothing!!

look here bub! you have wonderful voice but to me if I didn't finish this work on time I wont have any income for the month and if you're willing to pay for my food, bills, and son's education insurance then by all means blab all you want. I'll even amend my agreement with my client to include your phone calls, which will be considered as an "Act of God" thus indemnifying me from any Liquidated Damages that might come my way. I am that serious!

and... if you think by explaining things again.... and again and again.... Pls be rest assured that I got it the first time and the subsequent explanations only seek to reinforce visions of Salma Hayek's strip dance in "Dusk till Dawn" for me. And at that moment, licking the tv screen with Salma dancing on the screen is wayyyyyyyyy more pleasureable than hearing you explain how 1 + 1 = 2 from the confucius point of view. Believe you me, the kamasutra's 6 + 9 = 69 is darn easy for me what more 1+ 1 = 3?

and when you...........


gosh!! I'm blabbing and I'm turning into those kind of person that I yak about. HORROR!!!


Anonymous N said...

who is this person with beautiful voice harassing you over the phone la deyy? me aah? uhuk uhuk..*crocodile tears*

2:53 PM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

you think by just 1 or 2 phonecalls can irritate me ah? aiyoh!! I have more patience than that lah.

this one been going on and on and on for 2 months! die lah!

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

beb, you are turning into a raving lunatic these days. tssssskkkk!! tsssssssssssssskkkk!!! no bk at dsh for you!!! :P

10:32 PM  
Blogger Desparil said...

*passes a glass of ice lemon tea to shookme*

chill bro.. chill..

2:52 PM  
Blogger babe_kl said...

shook shook so long winded one!!?! :p hehehe...

okie next time i let u sit at the best seat possible :)

10:15 AM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

anony, nxt time when free we go BK ok? :D

des, me not "angry" ler.. just somewhat exasperated that's all.

babe, my seat not as bad as despa's :P ehehehe..
later i send you that song. ok? its a ballad lah

2:43 PM  

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