Friday, March 04, 2005

The Phone Dilemma

Now I that got to look for a new phone I've got a dilemma.

After having this P800 PDA phone. Any other less PDAish phone will not do, plus I need to use certain technology to be able to dispense off my responsibility/work effectively. And the price for these thing not really cheap either. Close to RM3 thousand or even more. Though the budget for the new hp was not specified I don't think it is ethical for me to use more than RM1500 of the company's money. So that is one issue.

Another issue is the phone itself. I certainly won't go for the Nokia Communicator. Have you ever look at that thing? GOSH!!! Even me with history of HUGEEEEEE cellphone can't tolerate that. If my previous Nokia 5510 can kill a dog, the communicator can kill an Elephant and .. if you aimed properly it can take out a T-Rex as well. I kid you not.

The Ipaq & O2 is kinda cool but there's no key pad and from my experience with these virtual keypad it sucks! there isn't any feel to it. and given my big huge thumb the odds of me hitting 2 buttons simultaneously is extremely high.

Thus it leave me with the PalmOne PDA phone or Sony Ericsson P900. Definitely not the PalmOne. It doesn't have any bluetooth! What bollocks is that? No bluetooth?!! Its a PDA phone for god's sake? Somebody must have went to a cave to gain all these wonderful ideas and then forget to update himself on such simple tech like bluetooth. Duh! ** just check with another vendor just now and they have a built in bluetooth. My bad. In any case I test it and palm aint that great.

Then there's the Sony Ericsson P900 which I found out that it doesn't do any Excel or Word where the recently updated P900i does. And since my Nokia 5510 have spoiled me with the QWERTY keyboard i just haveee to get the P900i cause it have one.

well, what's the downside? ermm..... the P900i cost some RM500 more than the basic P900 and the bigger issue is the dang phone cost twice more than my budget!

macam mana ni?


Blogger Desparil said...

just get it la.. you know you want it.. heheh..

3:44 PM  

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