Thursday, March 03, 2005

Life's important decisions

You know in life there are those really really huge decisions that you have to take?

Not the important ones like should I buy this car and looked cool or should I just take the Avanza and be boring but the depreciation won't kill me? or do I date this girl and confess my neverending love to her and be an item? or even do I whack this farker's car for obstructing my parking lot?

might seem to be quite an important decision but lets admit it with the exception of a psychotic-vengeful-smashed -windscreen victim all of the above item will go away within 7 years (or 9 if you silly enough to take the 9 year hire purchase lah).

Yesssss... the girl too.

but yesterday...... it was different.

Yesterday, Wednesday 2 April 2005, I practically tied myself down for the next 30 years. that's right 3 decades, more than a quater of a century and god knows how many godzillions schmillions minutes!

I bought myself a property. An apartment to be exact.

Funny how it makes you feels. These decisions that is. Before actually commiting yourself to such a thing you'll definitely have done all the research, checkout all the places and possibilities and even revise, revise and revise your cashflow and financial positions thousands of time. However, before putting pen to paper you will still go through all the reasons why you commit yourself to such a thing.

It is more interesting when if it is up to you that won't be the place. You see, I'm moving to a new office right smack in the city centre and with the exception of weekdays after 12 midnight that road will always be crawling. What more with the tunnel digging right smack at the heart of the city. Yeap! That's the one. The Mother of all jam.

Then? Why do I bought the property?

Well, I was vetoed 2-1 and according to the rules, a 2/3 majority is required in such decisions like these. The Son's babysitter is nearby and the partner recently got relocated to that side of town. Thus it leave me being the odd one out. There is no point in arguing to sway the votes either. You can't reason with a 7 months old kid (well you can but the reply would be "Att ta ta ta tah" before he buries his mouth on your face and smothers it with saliva) and definitely NOT with a lady smitten by an item she fancy. Democracy sucks!

Thus, it was "agreed" that it is at the right price, at the right place and provides the most convenience to "us". It was also agreed that I would be the one who buy the place, pay for it, leave my car at the office, use my bike to work, and worst of all be tied to the bank for the next 30 years!


It is even funnier when all the while the partner always insist that any property that we will live in will be under her name with a sound solid reasoning of should anything happen she would kick me out of HER house.

heyyyy.... wait seminit... from the looks of things it will be under my name, which basically means I own the house which in turn means I can't be kicked out. Instead the "kicking" power will be mine! MINE!!


I'm in controlllll baby! I own the landddddddd and I AMMMMM the KING!!!!!


Ya Right!

Look what got me into this in the first place.



Anonymous N said...

Oit! Gone crazy ah?

My heartiest congrat! My deepest sympathy about being shackled for the next 30 years tho' :P.. but hey, you're the king now!

MY property will be ready in 2 months. Hah!

5:37 PM  
Blogger babe_kl said...

Tahniah!!! Eh dun lah kick kick ni hehehe must lup lup one okie :)

*go hug and kiss them ASAP*

9:25 AM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

N, I'm the king of nothing lah :(

babe, heh!! that was long term commitment paranoia kicking in. But it aint cool being cornered and vetoed out lah ehehehhehehehehe!!!

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

such is life, beb!

you signed away your life and future earnings the day you got married. now, they are everyone's elses.... hehhehe...

7:04 AM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:16 AM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

anony, now you put it like that it sure sounds marriage is like a Junk Bonds. You only speculate should there be hugeee potential for investment return. I guess most men found out the hard way.....



1:24 AM  
Blogger ac said...

wah lau...

where's the apartment bang entreri?
hartamas? kiara?

anyways, better to buy property than car in times like this.

4:56 PM  

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