Monday, January 31, 2005


Not that Professional Wrestler lah! That singer.

Yeah yeah! the one with similar hair style like me.

Yes! that's the one.

What do you mean by he got the better version? He got the blonde version while mine's the black/brunette version lah. That's all. We just opt for different version marhhhh. But in truth it is the same. Like car colour lah. Got blue, got green one.

Of course he is older than me. What the f**k you're trying to say?

OIT! I'm a genius OK! Too much thinking thus the less hair thing. Not because I'm old!

aiyoh!!! He is a Musical genius marh. That aint the same.

Phill Collins? HAH!! that is a true genius. Look at his hair lah ye dolt!

Van Diesel shaved lah. He wants to look geniusy only.

What? Of course Phill Collins older than me. Genesis exist before I was born what?

What? This is not about Phill Collins. this entry is about Sting. What the heck you're yapping about?

What? Its about hair? you !@#^#^*##$^!#&$%&*$^&@$@


Sorry for the interruption. Got this nosey bugger I need to take care off. Anyway, where were we?

Oh! Sting.


Once I was asked, if there's a concert that I want to go which would I choose. Back then I can't decide between a U2 and Sting. Such a fan I am that it comes head to head with U2 on the concert toss. Also please bear in mind I never been to a paid non-Rock concert before.

And also I have some 6 of his CDs. Original ones mind you.

But since last Saturday I've been struggling with work. Trying my darndest to finish it on time. The fact that my staff didn't show up last weekend just makes things worse. I got one report that is due this on Tuesday. Yes, the same day of the concert and the Federal Territory ("FT") day. (To my client I don't have weekends and holidays you see)

As for the reports there's another one due on Wednesday which makes it doubly impossible to go to the thing.

Have you ever feel you're fighting a losing battle? Have a mountain to climb and just can't see the top no matter how hard you try?

At times like these -which happened much too frequently nowadays-, I would just grit my teeth and get down to work. If there's anything you can accuse me off it can never be for not trying and giving my best shot I find it as increasingly difficult to do. I was told that I'm bloody good at crisis management. Well, yeah! If everyday is a crisis I think I'll be a crisis myself lah.

All of this brings us back to the Sting concert. I haven't bought the ticket. Didn't have time to go and buy one. Most probably won't have the time go to but I am still going to give my best shot! Thus hear ye World!

Shookme WILL get his hand on the tickets and ............... ermmmm....... I'll concentrate on getting the tickets for now.

Now, where can I find a kind soul to help me with the tickets?


Yes, I'm going alone.

No you dimwit it is not because I can't find a date.


ugh!! why the f**k you're talking? I just broke your jaw?

what? only 1 side? you shut yer mouth or I'll break the other side.

na ahhh!


ugh!!! don't blame me I've warned you.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

aiyo, this is critical already! hang in thereeeeee!! i'd love to go with you to the concert, but me no Sting fan. summore got to save money worr.. damn die like this.. you take care ah? no worries..ur head will be fixed later. rest assured for that *wink*


4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bang shuk....

bang shuk tokking to who lar? ekkeke


2:11 PM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

It sure aint you dear :(

no lah got some lousy bugger that need some rearrangement to his bone structure :P

8:37 AM  

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