Friday, January 28, 2005

kindy, starwars and me

Eversince my lack of education in terms of kindy was made known to the masses (read : blogworld) I got loads of tease and what not whenever I was being blurry (intentionally or honest blur case). The latest was when we're talking about some car's handling characteristic being stable where I conveniently deviate it to other meaning stuff or something similar like staple, staples, stabile etc. And there goes the kindy thingy was brought up for my lack of understanding of the word. So, while being bashed left right centre I thought of this scenario.

SCENE : Starwars. - Luke on the ground writhing in a fetal position and Obi Wan Kenobi is watching over him

"Resist the dark force Luke" says Obi Wan.

"Resist? Easy for you to say lah! You don't even have a body. You're a freakin hologram! How can you understand pleasure of the flesh?! Unless, there's a hologram reproductive fun too. Is there? Is there?" retort Luke with saliva dripping at the side ala an excited and expectant Gollum ....

Luke continues writhing on the floor. His eyes starts to water and Obi wan looks very "interesting" now.

"ARRRRRRGHHHHHHH! Obi wan. What's that blue pill in your drawer and labelled "Aphrodish#@_ something"? Before eating the pills I only have slight fever and now....... I'm feeling this great urge. Help!" Yelp Luke

Rolling his eyes Obi wan says

"You didn't go to Kindy don't you?"



Blogger Jeryc said...

Hahaha, the revenge eh???

It pays to go to Pre-kindy kindy classes... Kekeke

Jeryc aka neo79

6:12 PM  
Blogger shookmeallnightlong said...

revenge of the sith man! eheheheh....

pre-kindy kindy my foot! you guys messing around with my mind man. Now I think no education is wayyyy better.

7:39 PM  
Blogger Jeryc said...

No education?! My God, my bro Entreri, what has gotten into you, or better, what has you gotten yourself into??? I hope it is some wet orifice other than the twilight zone :D

11:12 PM  

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