Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Boy Who Sits

Was down with fever + migraine + cold last night and still haven't sleep save for the 45 minutes at around 2 am that I absolutely have to take or risk severe loss of productivity. Work is only 50% completed and due, yet again, in the next 5 hours. Though the fever + migraine + cold have somewhat subsided the effect is still there.

Later, will pick up Areysha and collect the Sting (not the wrestler) ticket and I sure hope it won't affect my work performance and deadline.

The aircond to the office was busted yesterday and it was ........ really uncomfortable.

and I'm at the office since 10pm last night.

A good recipe to be misereable.


my son! my firstborn! general pride of the family! sat yesterday.

Yeap! Unassisted. Not with some assists, subsidy or helping hand. Surprising since he can't even crawl yet and he is just 6 months plus. Off course I didn't see it first hand lah cause as usual the babysitter got the "honour" and not this dad. But me still happy nonetheles


next thing you know we'll be watching footie at the stadium together!


*shookme beaming with pride


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