Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Sting & Me - Preconcert rant & Concert seating tips

Got the ticket, take a 15 minutes nap and I was off to the concert venue at 7.45 pm. Arrived there in my cargo shorts, All blacks Jersey and my trusty old Asadi sandal. Looking at all the others who dressed up I looked soooo out of place :P

Anyway, threre was no free seting at the stadium. Everyone have their alloted seat and my oh my aint the seats 1 size too small for us to sit comfortably.

I requested for seat facing the stage, but my dear Areysha upon listening to the advice of the ticketcharge people decidesd to get me the side ones. Reason being it is closer to the stage thus I can see better.

Well, obviously the ticketcharge doofus have no idea about sound movement. We're talking about a concert here and not a shakespeare play. Thus being in front and facing the stage will ensure you in the sound sweet spot. In other words you'll get the full array/range of the concert. Being at the side is akin to hearing a mono instead of a stereo.

Can't blame Areysha though the silly Ticketcharge people should be burnt!

Areysha dearest, we'll do our lunch this week ok? I owe you big time


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