Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tsunami - Avenue for Donations Part V - Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merit Society Malaysia

Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Society Malaysia - Collecting in Navy Blue tops and long white pants

If you want to contribute:

Donation Account:
Maybank A/C 004-067-500-119

Contact Info (if you want to verify):
Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merit Society Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur Liason Centre)
43-45C, 47-49C (3rd Floor) , Jalan SS 25/2, Taman Bukit Emas (Tmn
Mayang), 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
603-7880 9048
603-7880 8158

Our Chinese Websites:

Our English Websites:

Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Society Malaysia - Collecting in Navy Blue tops and long white pants
I am from this org. and we have been going around pasar malam, pasar pagi, foodcourts, restaurant, shops, shopping malls, etc. since last week to appeal for donation. The response has been overwhelming so far...
thanks to everyone *Smile .

FYI, more than a hundred volunteers are already in countries - Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Langka and India providing emergency relief, medical assistance, etc. We need more money for long
term reconstruction (i.e. houses, schools, infrastructures, vocationla training, etc.) just as we did after the earthquake in Bam (Iran), India, Turkey and Taiwan.

We were on NTV7 live from Sri Langka at 9.30pm on Saturday (1 Jan 2005). For Malaysia, we are also mobilising huge assistance and rescue work from the day the disaster struck on 26 Dec 2004. You may read some of the news in the newspaper.

Also FYI, we are a charity NGO recognised by the United Nations, and our activities and volunteers span across nearly 40 countries around the globe. Our volunteers and those we help come from various religious background, race, etc.


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