Monday, January 03, 2005

Tiger Cup Semi Final : 2nd leg - Malaysia vs Indonesia : Pre-match report

I was at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil at around 1.15 with my bro-in-law. Lo & behold, there's 4 lines and each line is at least 50 metres long. Damn, am I feeling proud to see the support and enthusiasm shown by these people. So proud and happy I was that I forget the somewhat unexpected traffic congestion enroute to the stadium. The presence of those people explains it and I'm all ok for it.

2 out of 5 are in their working attire and that is a dead giveaway to the "ular"ing @ snaking that they're doing, while the others are those who are still on leave and indonesians?


no joke! there's plenty of them at least 1 for every 3 and the no of tickets that they bought is like minimum 10 each. While waiting in the long qeueu a bunch of them we're making noise. A very loud one too. For every girls or every whatever that walk their way there's a huge cheer. While we, the Malaysian supporter just keep cool for we're supposedly to be the more cultured ones and went wild only in the stadia. But under our breath I'm sure most are muttering "siap ngko malam ni. Tunggu la mat mat rempit/motor sampai. Tengok la sapa lagi bising?" translation "you wait you! Tonight when all of the motorcycle gang (ie. those on underbone bike consist mostly of despatch and clerical level) is here you'll soon see who is louder".

They occupied quite a sizeable portion of the canopied area. A friend gave me a call after receiving my sms about the "invasion" and he ask me to take photo and put it in my blog. As such, I went home, got changed and bring my digicam to the stadium againat around 3.00 pm.

Lo and behold. They're conquered almost all the good place of the canopied area up to the stairs leading to the LRT station. Chanting and god knows what else. There's a huge circle and some key figure in the middle and firing up the crowd. Don't Believe me?


and here's a pick of the key figures firing up the crowd.

and where is the malaysian supporters?

we're here

*note 1 : the obviously not happy guy in the dark blue collared shirt with the red collar holding a helmet. That's a Mat Rempit looking on and ready to rumble tonight and I'm sure he is saying "fark it, lucky I only got 1 helmet If not I'll throw this at those suckers!"
*note 2 : Notice most fellas on the rightmost line is looking away from the camera most probably in fear of "kantol" ie. caught by their bosses in the photos. EXCEPT the bald guy standing near the counter with his full office attire, white shirt and yellow tie to boot. Good luck mate!

AND here is a family amidst the sea of Indonesian supporters

*note 1 : Watch the poor kid on the left watching in awe and the other on the right running in fear to the mom. I bet both of them will question their dad about his sanity that they're watching a home game.
*Note 2 : I fully respect the family especially the mum and dad who took leave and bring the whole family over for this event. SALUT!

Right now, it seems to the Indonesian team it is pretty much a home game with such huge amount of fans at their disposals. Noisy to boot.

For us Malaysians? erm... I got 5 cancellations stating they want to watch it live at the comfort of their place and most are working. Gosh!! I sure hope most can make it in time and give our full support to our boys. What with BOTH of their feared strikers are available again and we must not concede a goal today or our away goal in the 2-1 win away won't count for much.

So out of quite a no of potential footie kaki, there's only my mate LCTI and me who is going. Over there we'll join forces with my bro in law gang that consist of 4 people and somewhere along the way we hope to hook up with my old mate Nicky with his 2 other friends.

We've done our part, now it is up to the 11 blokes on the pitch to do their job.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

see? you managed to put up pics without my help after all.. it'll be nicer if you can make them all into the same size.


5:42 PM  
Blogger babe_kl said...

cools pics!!! but u very kheng lar, GOAL liau can snap pic so fast hehehe

2:47 PM  

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