Monday, January 03, 2005

Liverpool 0 - 1 Chelsea

This is my reply to fellow forumner about the game. I think it give a fair and accurate representation of how i think and feel about the game.

"I really really don't think that we rely on Gerrard only. Why do
you think Alonso was earmarked to be tackled? Gerrard do all the running
but the real person who is dictating the game is Alonso. The range of his
passing is superb. Even, the studio team at football focus says there's a
possibility that Maurinho ask the players to restrict Alonso.

Lampard deserved a red card and there's no argument there. As for Penalty,
there's 2 clear ones mate. As for not being clinical, fair enough but
should Alonso is in or Lampard off who do you wonder will become victorious?

Riley is stupid at his best, and last Saturday was his worst and by god I
have no word to describe what he was on that day."


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