Monday, January 03, 2005

Tsunami - Avenue for Donations Part III - GIANT, COLD STORAGE & GUARDIAN stores

Now, now. There's plenty of avenue for us to do our bit. If you don't feels like giving out money for fear of it being misused (not that I infer as such but some people just don't trust intermediaries). Why don't you use these avenues to help.

It is basically in every town/community. So it is easy for you to do your bit while stocking up on your groceries or just pass by these shops.


ALL GIANT, COLD STORAGE & GUARDIAN stores except East Msia.

they're working wid Red Crescent. Accept cheques and in kind ie

1. basic essentials rice, sugar, cooking oil, flour, salt, milk powder & bottled water
2. instant noodle & biscuit
3. beverages milo, instant coffee & tea bags
4. toiletries ie soap, shampoo
5. canned food

This appear in last Friday's newspapers.



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